Westfield Police Shoot and Kill Suspect after he allegedly Shot his Ex

WESTFIELD, PA – A Westfield man and woman are dead following a shooting in the Boro on Friday, April 19.

State Police in Mansfield say 51-year-old Barry Lynn Mead forced his way into the apartment of 34-year-old Vicki Lynn Copp on Friday night.

Once inside, Mead allegedly engaged Copp in an argument and then eventually made his way to a bedroom and retrieved a Harrington Richardson 20 gauge shotgun. Police say Mead loaded the shotgun and then turned it on Copp.

Police, who were called by a neighbor shortly after Copp broke into the apartment, arrived at the scene and heard a single gunshot. According to police, the responding officer entered the stairwell to the apartment, at which point he witnessed Mead discharge another round at the top of the stairs. Police say the officer told Mead repeatedly to drop the gun before shooting him.

Both Mead and Copp were pronounced dead at the scene by Deputy Tioga Co. Coroner Lee Strange.

The incident remains under investigation by the PA State Police, the Westfield Boro Police and the Tioga Co. District Attorney’s Office.

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  1. Barry Gibbs says:

    Truth be known the local police and other officials failed this women because many of them are infact as guilty of manipulation, control , abuse and jealousy as the man leaving the bar bragging he was going to go kill her. Many times a local town hero is as guilty of breaking the law as the criminals he arrests. Public officials are sworn to uphold the law for everyone and are expected to set an example. Often times their personal lives are more disfunctional than the criminals they arrest. Then they stand around the crime scene, hands in their pockets, shrug their shoulders, and go home. Proud to have been seen on TV. Perhaps funds would be better spent having true professionals such as State Police cover an area rather than local municipal law enforcement.

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