Will Facebook Launch ‘Gmail Killer’ Today?

Rumor has it that Facebook will launch email today

Facebook is holding a special event today at a San Francisco hotel, where it is expected that they will announce their new email service.

Called ‘Project Titan’ within the Facebook company, the new email application is rumored to be dubbed the new ‘Gmail Killer’.

Whether or not Facebook’s new email application really does kill Gmail is yet to be determined, and such a feat is by many standards still a David vs. Goliath match.

Facebook and Google have both suffered bad publicity recently over user privacy, but it appears that Facebook is currently fighting another battle – applications that are infested with spyware and malware, and others which do little more than spam your friend’s list.

Google itself is rumored to soon be launching it’s very own social networking platform.

Last week Google and Facebook traded blows over importing contacts from one service to the other.

With Google being the world’s biggest provider of online content and Facebook serving some 500+ million users, it appears a cyber-based Battle of the Bulge may be on the horizon.

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