Will the U.S. Government Shutdown Tonight?

The United States Federal Government will effectively shutdown at midnight tonight if an agreement is not made between Republicans and President Obama.

Yesterday, Obama promised to veto a House Republican bill that would allow the government to remain open for an additional week.

If the government does shutdown, some 800,000 federal employees, as well as military service men and women, will go without a paycheck, while lawmakers will continue to be paid.

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  1. betty perry says:

    you know it is amazing how the repulicians are so concerned about what the money is used for health care for women, now we cand millions of dollars to other coutries, but we have a problem right here in the United States and we are the ones paying the taxes. They act as if it is there money, most of us pay taxes. and you know they don’t want to help the low iincome women as far as birth control or any other health cares. But they don’t have a problem sending our taxes to other countries, this whole mess is crazy as hell. It is not there money, we all pay taxes. What they need to be doing is trying to figuire out, how to stop sending our taxes to fund three differnt wars. If they took care of the people that are paying taxes. for these people to suppose to be o smart, they are really stupid people. They rather to do all this to get back Obama because he is Black and hurt so many people that are already suffering and strugging to make ends meet, now they are going to put people out of work and cause more hardship on people that are already living from paycheck to paycheck. That takes alot of stupity and alot of hate.

  2. betty perry says:

    All of the people in congress should not get paid untill all the federal workers are back at work and receive a paycheck. why should they still get paid, when they are not doing there job. I have to worry about how I am going to make ends meet and they don’t no that is not right.

  3. betty perry says:

    Stop the bulll and get it toghter, the Repulicians are playing too many dam mind games

  4. Jake M. says:

    ummmmm….. well first of all it dont take billions of dollars for women to have birth control… birth control is done by being responsible. just like they say, planned parenthoods biggest outcome is abortion… 90% so hmmm… where was the birth control on that? i do agree that we could save billions by the stupid crap that our government spends money on…. but you know what? planned parenthood is nothing special.. most you women can get free birth control from all sorts of places… i dont see anything for men to goto…./. for free for health issues… blah blah blah… let the government shutdown for a few days…. how much money will that save them???? haha lots… oh but wait they will suffer from smaller paychecks=( sooooooooo….. does everyone else that works a normal job… and what they get paid they should be able to afford to lose a few days of pay.. cuz i know the guys that make minimum wage and got laid off for a week didnt die from it… whatever you probably fall under the welfare list anyways and get free doctor visits as it is… IF YOU WANT BIRTH CONTROL SHUT YOUR FUCKING LEGS……

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