Williamsport Man Who Shot in Self Defense Last Week Faces Drug Charges

Williamsport man who shot and killed a home intruder in a gun battle last week in Williamsport now faces drug charges

WILLIAMSPORT – Neil L. Felver, 29, of Williamsport used a .22 caliber Ruger handgun to shoot and kill Abdul Miller, 33, of Milton after Miller broke into Felver’s home on Scott St. just after 2 am on June 14.

Felver is not being charged with homicide as it was ruled that the shooting was in self defense. He is however being charged with a slew of other crimes, including Persons not to Possess Firearms, Possession with Intent to Deliver Controlled Substances, Possession of Controlled Substances and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Police searched Felver’s home after the “shootout volley” between the two men resulted in Miller being shot in the chest and shoulder, resulting in his death.

Felver cooperated with police, telling them he fought for his life, and feared for the life of his girlfriend and children.

The DA refused to file homicide charges, stating he felt Felver acted in self defense protecting himself and his family.

It is believed that Miller targeted the Felver residence because he believed there were drugs there.

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  1. Phil says:

    Hey I don’t care what he had in his home, if someone breaks into my house at 2am they’re gonna get a bullet between the eys too!

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