Williamsport Teen Shot, Fourth Shooting this Week in the City

Mayor convenes emergency meeting as city violence continues

Sun Gazette

Violence erupted yet again in another city neighborhood, this time just before 4 p.m. Friday at Fifth and Rural avenues, where occupants in two cars exchanged gunfire, injuring a teenager riding in one of the vehicles, city police said.

This was fourth shooting in the city since Sunday afternoon.

Local law enforcement leaders, including Mayor Gabriel J. Campana and District Attorney Eric R. Linhardt, convened an emergency meeting Friday night at City Hall to set up a task force to work on ways to combat the string of shootings.

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  1. Zukowski says:

    The police better start going after known street gangs. They know who they are, where they are, oh that’s right they don’t have patches on their back. The street gangs are your problems they shoot any body and course the most problems, Not the bikers. Support you local 1%er

  2. correction says:

    thats funny how you say that its not bikers (of which im not saying it is) But then you say support your local 1%er…… if you are going to say this then im going to assume that you dont know what the 1%er even means then???? regardless of what what some incompetents have possibly made it into… the 1%er is meaning that they are the one percent of bikers that ARE outlaws and do the illegal things such as shootings and what not… and again… im not saying at all the shootings were from bikers cause i could care less… i just wanted to comment on your comment…… =)

  3. Zukowski says:

    Thank you for your feedback. Yes I do know what a patch is, and I do agree with you’re view on the %er. Yet being involved with them on Long Island Pa, Fla, and Calf. They some what stick to themself when it comes to violence. Not so with street gangs Blood, Crip, MS13, Latin Kings and many many more. They kill for no reason, and intimidate others for those, money clothes and for the fun of it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they could use a few bikers to go down and clean it up.

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