Wind Energy Back on Front Burner in Potter County

The Endeavor News

More than four years after a plan to build a series of massive wind turbines on high-altitude farmland and forested acreage in northern Potter County first surfaced, the project has yet to move forward.

But it’s getting closer.

A public hearing is scheduled for 6 pm on Feb. 15 in the small village of Sunderlinville, where the Hector Township Board of Supervisors is preparing to adopt an ordinance that encourages the construction of turbines.

Hector is following the lead of Ulysses Township, which last year passed a similar set of regulations. Each township chose to exercise its power to circumvent the stricter standards contained in the Potter County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.

AES Corporation seeks to erect the 400-footplus machines on leased property at Fox Hill and Bailey Hill in the two townships.

In July, Bob White, project manager for AES, said the company had originally planned to erect 1.5-megawatt machines. However, a new plan that’s under consideration calls for larger turbines capable of generating 2.5 megawatts.

If that occurs, there will be about 46 turbines built in Ulysses Township. Approximately 15 turbines are targeted for Hector Township.

“That decision isn’t going to be made until fairly close to construction,” White said. “As we get more information about wind, noise studies and other aspects, sizes can change, turbines can be moved and wind direction can determine how far apart the turbines need to be.”

As an inducement to the two townships to pass less restrictive regulations, AES will pay them an annual stipend if the project moves forward.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Blow Baby Blow!

  2. Scooby says:

    As an inducement to pass less restrictive regulations AES will pay a “STIP END” ??????????????????????????????? Lets entice our local politicians & “BRIBE” them to get our way ….Wake up PEOPLE your “BEAUTIFUL” land is being “SOLD OUT” from under you, for profit.. Do you think you can hook to these “massive” eye sores & noise polluting machines & reduce your electric bill ???? Has your NATURAL GAS bill went down ?? How is your TAP water tasting ???? “SHEEPLE”

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