Zito Media buys Alabama Telecom

COUDERSPORT – Residents and businesses in Heflin and Cleburne counties in Alabama have a new internet and television service provider, beginning July 29.

Coudersport-based Zito Media, a remnant of the defunct Adelphia Corporation, continues to mimmick the former telecommunications giant by buying up small telecommunications companies across the southern United States.

In a letter to customers, Zito says one of their top priorities “will be to perform system upgrades that will enable us to deliver high-speed internet and digital voice services to all of our Alabama customers. These upgrades are scheduled to begin immediately, and we expect our initial high-speed internet and digital voice launch to be as early as September 1.”

With all of Zito’s activity outside of Coudersport, one is left wondering what the company has in store for its hometown – currently customers are limited to cable internet (speeds up to 8Mb/s), while some neighboring communities enjoy ultra-high speed services, such as Verizon’s FiOS and Time Warner’s Roadrunner services, which offer speeds up to 50Mb/s.

Customers in the Alabama counties of Heflin and Cleburne, who were recently served by Charter and Cobridge, were assured rates would not increase during the switch.

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  1. anonymous from coudy says:

    What is in store for the local area, any upgrades, how about all the hd channels available to ALL areas, how about faster internet services (and at the much lower prices that the previous Galaxy/Rapid customers pay)? People it is time to contact the number on the back of your bills and let your complaints be heard so when its time for Zito’s franchise agreements to be renewed, we can have some say before they get our business again.

  2. R. Land says:

    I have had no service since Zito purchased our cable sys. from Cobridge.

  3. Ricky023 says:

    Well I hope ya’ll fix our Cable tomorrow nobody showed up today.

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