ZitoMedia Network Exceptional

Yesterday I received a few complaints about the site loading slowly. I initially thought it was due to a high volume of traffic combined with several search engine crawlers hogging up our bandwidth, but after investigating the matter I determined that there was a substantially high packet loss when pinging our server from any location outside our network. This was mostly likely due to a problem with our ISP, ZitoMedia. I’m happy to report however, that continual testing since last night has shown the network to be stable and performing exceptionally well. We are looking at increasing bandwidth, but such services are simply not reasonably available in Coudersport at this time. Above is a visual test performed minutes ago. As you can see, the ZitoMedia network is performing exceptionally well. If anyone continues to have trouble loading the site, please let me know asap so that we can look into the matter. Our goal is to keep CoudyNews.com loading as fast as possible (still need to do some script cleaning and frankly the Facebook plugin is horrible).

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