12-Year-Old Could Become Pennsylvania Prison's Youngest Inmate Ever

By Chris Togneri

INDIANA, PA – This Indiana County prison cell has housed many young criminals, but no one as young as Jordan Brown, 12, of New Galilee in Lawrence County.

That might change soon.

Brown, housed now in an Erie detention center, is charged as an adult in the fatal shooting Feb. 20, 2009, of his father’s fiancee, Kenzie Marie Houk, 26, and her unborn son, Christopher. Prosecutors contend Brown, then 11, placed a shotgun to the back of Houk’s head as she lay in bed, pulled the trigger, put the gun away and then walked outside to catch the school bus.

A murder conviction would send Brown to SCI Pine Grove, the state prison that houses young offenders, at least until he turns 18. A first- or second-degree murder conviction would put Brown behind bars for life.

Prison officials are preparing.

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