$2 Million Pot Grow Busted in Catt. Co.

Cattaraugus County aurthorities say they have arrested Xiao Xia Tang, 31, for running a marijuana growing operation in Cold Springs, NY on friday.

Tang is reportedly a Chinese national, and an illegal immigrant.

The Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force raided Tang’s home and found that Tang was growing marijuana in several rooms of a house using “$10,000 worth of high-tech equipment.” Police say they confiscated over 1,100 plants with an estimated street value of $2 million.

Tang is currently incarcerated in the Cattaraugus County Jail.

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One Comment

  1. Phil says:

    $2,000,0000. One man. No taxes.

    How much will we spend to prosecute said man? Now there are other factors here, this man was an illegal alien, but lets say he wasn’t, as is the case most often.

    $2,000,000. Not taxed.

    $2,000,000 taxed at NY’s state sales tax rate of 8% equals $160,000 in tax revenue.

    Instead we’ll spend thousands prosecuting.

    Doesn’t make any sense to continue prosecuting people over a nearly harmless plant.

    Legalize it, tax it and regulate it!

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