9 Teens Packed Into a Car – 6 of Them Injured

Teens left underage drinking party in Chevy Cavalier

HORNELSVILLE – The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office reports that 9 teenagers left an underage drinking party, packed into a Chevy Cavalier, and then crashed, severely injuring 6 of the teens.

According to police the teens left the party shortly before 5 am. The vehicle was speeding west on Rt. 109 when the driver lost control in a sharp turn and hit a ditch. The car continued approximately 135 feet before striking a culvert and becoming airborn. The vehicle then rolled over and landed on it’s side in a nearby driveway.

The crash occurred about 2 miles from the underage drinking party.

When emergency crews arrived they found all 9 youngsters randomly tossed about and on top of one another in the car. It was unclear where anyone had been sitting, but police do say they know who was driving.

Six of the 9 teens suffered severe injuries, and one teen suffered a life-threatening head injury.

Emily S. Mayorga and Dylan Henry, both 18, were taken to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester by medicopter. They were listed in ‘guarded condition’ as of yesterday.

The investigation continues.

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