Accident with Serious Injuries on Route 417 (Andover Road) Outside Wellsville

Wellsville dispatched – Road Closed

6 patients with entrapment

Mercy Flight 5 airborn

At least one patient is in critical condition

3:57pm Child with serious injuries being flown via medicopter to Buffalo Children’s Hospital

3:58pm Medics report female child is in critical condition but stable. Extent of other victim’s injuries unknown at this time.


4:25 Road was opened to one lane, but Chief on scene is shutting entire roadway down.

State Police and an accident reconstruction team are on scene

MercyFlight5 is returning with patient for unknown reasons

At least 8 patients involved, 7 transported to Jones Memorial Hospital, one female child via medicopter to Buffalo Children’s Hospital. Medical personnel needed to return to scene after transporting patients to Jones Memorial Hospital.

4:40pm Medicopter is returning for another patient

4:46pm MercyFlight5 ETA 19 minutes

5:00pm Fire personnel are shutting down Route 417 at County Road 12

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  1. Susan says:

    I was listening to this on the scanner, I am not sure but possible bus or van involved. I know there were adult males with head and back injuries also… so much going on. It seemed as if they did not have enough ambulances and one returned to the scene after taking a patient to Jones memorial.

    I hope they are all going to be ok.

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