‘Bath Salts’ Making Headlines

The legal and ever-increasingly popular synthetic drug known as ‘bath salts’ is making headlines around the country as lawmakers scramble to inplement legislation and measures to counter it’s sale.

The high from bath salts is said to mimic that of cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA, and can cause hullucinations, paranoia and violent behavior.

Police near Scranton have recently arrested a man three times in as many days, saying he has chased cars, got into parked cars with the drivers inside and acted violently while under the influence of bath salts. According to reports police had to use a stun-gun to subdue the man.

As a result, judges in Scranton have issued orders temporarily banning the sale of bath salts.

Florida officials have also banned the sale, and many states are moving quickly to suppress sales as well.

Bradford County Coroner Thomas Carman has recently declared that bath salts were responsible for the cause of death of two Warren men.

The Pennsylvania House is scheduled to vote on a bill to ban bath salts on April 4.

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