Borough Police Release Information Surrounding Saturday’s Pedestrian Accident in Coudersport

COUDERSPORT – Coudersport Borough Police have released information concerning the pedestrian accident that severely injured a mother and her daughter on Saturday in Coudersport.

According to a news release, Borough Police received a dispatch of a vehicle pedestrian accident that occurred on the East Second Street, Mike Franklin Bridge at 5:41 pm on Saturday, January 8.

Police say a vehicle driven by a 17-year-old Coudersport youth was traveling East on East Second Street, when their vehicle struck two pedestrians, identified as 47-year-old Donna Thomas of Coudersport, and her daughter, 15-year-old Rebecca Thomas, of Coudersport.

Both victims were transported to Charles Cole Memorial Hospital by ambulance.

Police say the accident remains under investigation.

Coudersport Fire Department and Coudersport Ambulance assisted at the scene.

A Pennsylvania accident re-constructionist was called in by Borough Police to assist in the investigation.


Many questions are left unanswered in this tragic event. Conflicting information continues to circulate.

At first this terrible accident was reported to be a hit-and-run, but was later refuted by several sources, but again confirmed by others. Even more disturbing information has been published by various means by those claiming to be friends and/or relatives of the victims.

One such posting, a call for prayer by a woman stating that the victims are her aunt and cousin, indicates that the driver of the vehicle intentionally struck the mom and her daughter.

Also uncertain is whether or not the victims were walking in the road or on the sidewalk.

Understandably, police have released minimal details, as an investigation continues. Still, many in the community are seeking answers surrounding this tragic event.

Stay tuned to CoudyNews as we continue to follow this story.


Editor’s Note: This has been a very unsettling story to follow, to say the least. Our thoughts and prayers are with this family and this young girl. May we all continue to offer whatever support we possibly can.

There have been reports of a fund established for the victims at the NorthWest Savings bank in Coudersport, but a spokesperson there tells CoudyNews that no such fund has been officially established at this point. We were told however that any donations provided at this point would be held there.

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  1. Miranda says:

    Lord please heal this child and mother and look over this family. God Bless you all. We will be praying for you.

  2. Robin says:

    Thinking about and praying for this mother and child and their family.. May God heal them..

  3. Barbie says:

    I too am a sister of Donna’s, I truly believe this was just a tragic accident. The sad part is some accidents have severe consequences. My prayers are with them all as they strive to get through this disturbing event. My sincere thanks to the good samaritans who stopped to help and to all the investigaters and first responders. I love you Donna and Becky.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I too believe that this was a tragic accident. As I keep the Thomas family in my prayers, I have not forgotten to pray for the young driver and his family. I am sure this accident ways heavily on them also.

  5. anonymous says:

    none of these 3 people are to blame.the sidewalk on that bridge should have been shoveled!!!!!!!!as with all the other walking bridges.ask the county and they blame the state,ask the state and they blame the county.either way this is good for a large lawsuit and i am all for that.Potter County needs to get their head out of you know where!!!!
    and this should be at the topo of the news here and that other Blog we all read.this matter needs corrected or we need new management of the borough crew[mut and june]

  6. admin says:

    I have actually considered running an article on the sidewalk situation in Coudersport several times in the past.

    I personally do quite a bit of walking in town and it is horrible most often to walk on the sidewalks for a week or more after it snows.

    I do believe the situation needs to be addressed. However, I’m not sure the county nor the state is responsible for Borough sidewalks. As for sidewalks in front of businesses, I believe it is the responsibility of the business owner to maintain those, and many of these are not maintained either.

    That leaves sidewalks such as the bridges up to the borough, I believe.

    I did notice today while walking across this very bridge that it had been completely cleaned of snow and salted.

    Possibly because of this unfortunate accident?

    With that said, do we know if these folks were indeed walking in the road? Nothing official has been released as to whether or not they were. I must say, being there myself at the time of the accident, the road did not appear to be in any better condition than the sidewalk… except perhaps the middle of the road. You can see this by viewing the photos I have posted. I have given that considerable thought, as it really did not seem to make much sense to be walking in the road vs. the sidewalk at that given moment.

    Either way, again, I agree that the situation with the sidewalks in Coudersport certainly needs to be addressed.

  7. anonymous says:

    as was if everyone noticed that and all the other bridges were shoveled that night of the accident!!!!!a coincident,i think not. and i agree as i am a small buisness owner downtown,i always make sure my walks are shoveled and salted as soon as it snows.i just really think coudersport needs to look at some of the borough practices.some things are just left undone and how can we attract new buisnessses or new residents with alot of the crap going on here.years ago they used to clean the streets and that was way before adelphia and we could afford it then and the town was always cleaned up,much like wellsboro is always,i think the borough has lost all pride in the upkeep of coudersport and its time for a change!!1

  8. linda says:

    this is just so very upsetting but i do believe no one struck them intentionally there are 3 victims here soooo sad

  9. Anonymous says:

    This comment violates our ToS.

    As a reminder, You MAY comment anonymously. However, CoudyNews will not publish comments that target an individual or organization without a name.

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