Bradford Woman Charged with Assault after Stabbing Man with Fork

BRADFORD – A Bradford woman faces charges of Simple Assault and Harassment, after she allegedly stabbed a man in the arm several times with a fork and broke his glasses.

Police say 57-year-old Terri Walter was highly intoxicated on December 9 when the assault occurred.

She is currently free on $10,000 bail.

Walter waived her Preliminary Hearing yesterday in Judge Dominic Cercone’s courtroom.

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  1. steve says:

    so much stuff happens in bradford… unbelievable !! well im just waiting for one of these stabbings to be my dads wife stabbing him in bradford since thats happened many of times before.. im just waiting for one time when she gets arrested for it.. I think bradford is a crap hole and its not a good place for anyone to live especially kids.. Hopefully my kid dont have to live in bradford too much longer as i fear that one of these incidents aare going to end up involving my child or or someone else i know. As i know personally that where my kid lives that this type of incident happens quite often.. People should be ashamed in the way they live and the lifestyle that they think is ok to raise a kid in.. Is there ever any good news from bradford???

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