Causer Votes ‘No’ on State Budget

Martin Causer Press Release

$28 billion plan leaves PA with big budget hole to fill next year

Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) today opposed the 2010-2011 budget adopted by the state House and sent to the governor’s desk.

The $28.04 billion plan represents a reduction of just under $1 billion from the governor’s original proposal.

“While I commend House and Senate Republican leaders for successfully cutting the governor’s original spending plan by nearly $1 billion, I believe this budget still spends more than the people of Pennsylvania can afford,” Causer said.

Although the budget does not require any new taxes to balance, it creates a “structural deficit” of at least $3 billion that will have to be addressed in the next fiscal year. That could lead to tax increases people cannot and should not have to pay, Causer said.

Another concern is that the budget bill relies on more than $2.7 billion in stimulus funding from the federal government. Of that, $850 million has not yet been authorized by Congress, and recent efforts in Washington to move that legislation forward have come up short.

“It is absolutely irresponsible to balance the state budget on money we may or may not get from Washington,” Causer said. “And regardless of what happens with the $850 million this year, the federal stimulus funds will run out next year, leaving us with a major funding shortfall, especially in the area of public education.”

The passage of House Bill 2279 marks the first time in the administration of Gov. Ed Rendell that a budget bill was passed on time by both houses of the General Assembly. The governor cannot sign the bill until a number of other supporting measures are also completed and on his desk. That is expected to take place by week’s end.

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