Ceglia Fined $5,000 in Facebook Lawsuit Case

Paul Ceglia, Wellsville, NY

Paul Ceglia

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Paul Ceglia, of Wellsville, NY has been fined $5,000 by a federal judge for failing to fully comply with an order requiring him to turn over his email account information.

Ceglia is currently suing Facebook for ownership of the company. The lawsuit was filed after Ceglia allegedly found old contracts between himself and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Contracts Ceglia says entitle him to at least 50 percent ownership in the multi-billion dollar company.

Ceglia has accused the Facebook defense of modifying computer files and faking emails. He previously eluded to the fact he did not want to surrender his email account information for fear it would also be compromised.

The $5,000 sanction was imposed on Ceglia yesterday.

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