Woman Sentenced to ARD

Katlyn Marie Kear was sentenced February 29th, 2012 in the Court of Common Pleas of Potter County, Pennsylvania, Docket No. 3-2011, Criminal Division as follows:

The Motion of the Commonwealth for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition is granted.  Further proceedings on the charges contained in Count(s) 4 of the Information shall be postponed during the term of the program as outlined.  The defendant will pay the costs of court and a fee in the amount of $525 to cover the cost of his/her participation in the ARD program.  The defendant shall pay a supervision fee of $25 per month, and an administrative fee of $20 per month.

The defendant will be supervised by the Potter County Office of Adult Probation for a period of six months and be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The defendant shall absolutely refrain from the consumption of illegal drugs or intoxicating beverages and be of good behavior at all times.
  • The defendant will perform 20 hours of community service for Potter County and be responsible for the cost of insurance regarding his/her participation.
  • The defendant will pay all costs of court and all other fees as directed by the Potter County Office of Adult Probation.
  • The defendant will obey all laws of the United States of America, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, together with all other states and political subdivision thereof.
  • The defendant will comply with all other terms and conditions of supervision such as are set forth from time to time by the Potter County Office of Adult Probation.
  • Counts 1-3 are dismissed at the request of the Commonwealth.

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