Corbett: Prepare Now For Hurricane Sandy

Governor Corbett today released the following statement:

As Hurricane Sandy moves closer to the North Atlantic, all Pennsylvanians should prepare for the possibility of power outages, flooding and heavy snow fall. In advance of the storm, Governor Corbett has declared a statewide disaster emergency to enable state, county and municipal governments to respond effectively to the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

Governor Corbett is reminding residents to remain in their homes during harsh storm conditions. If you need to leave your home during the storm please follow all posted road warnings to keep yourself and others safe, in Pennsylvania this is now the law.

With the risk of prolonged power outages the Governor is urging everyone to ensure they have supplies to last a couple days in their homes such as batteries, food, water, essential medicines and first aid supplies.

Make sure you have a communications plan with friends and loved ones in order to let them know where you are during the storm.

All residents in a flood plain should also be prepared to evacuate if so ordered by local officials. These orders are very serious and only given when necessary.

Visit or call 1-888-9-READYPA (1-888-973-2397) to get a full list of preparation instructions.

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