Gas Jobs Helping?

Jobless rate falls slightly in Potter, Cameron counties

With natural gas exploration work continuing to grow in the region, more people are finding working in that industry, perhaps helping the area’s jobless rate take a turn for good.

Jobless rates in Cameron and Potter counties fell slightly during July, reflecting the expected impact of short-term summer hiring.

Cameron County once again had the highest unemployment rate in Pennsylvania during July, with 14.0 percent of adults looking for work. The figure was 14.9 in June.

Potter County’s jobless rate fell from 11.6 percent in June to 11.1 percent in July.

Pennsylvania’s statewide rate was 9.3 percent in July, slightly less than the U.S. figure of 9.5 percent.

Unemployment figures can fluctuate greatly with small sampling groups and statistical “curving.” Factors such as small population changes can drastically affect a jobless figure.

The statistics do not reflect those who have given up looking for work and have exhausted their unemployment compensation benefits. They also do not take into account the “underemployed,” who have taken part-time jobs to pay their bills.

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