George Brown Responds

First, I would like to apologize to the members of the Potter County Tea Party. As one member pointed out, the Gay movie really isn’t what we are about, and that is a very true statement. The tea pary is not concerned with a gay movie, but I, as a person was concerned with with the library being the venue for the movie, and frankly that had little to do with our tea party mission either. In retrospect I should of used my personal Email to voice my opinion since this issue had nothing to do with the Tea Party.

However, I do think [Jim Jones] of Solomon’s Words must be on heavy medication, or didn’t have his glasses on. I never said anything about a demonstration or about being mean to the library staff. I did say be nice and voice your opinion, and remember that the people you talk you just work there, they don’t make policy.

Where the threats of a demonstration came from I have no idea, but it was not from me nor from the Tea Party. [Editor’s Note: That false information came from promoters of the movie on their blog]

Regarding the Tea Pary and gays, we’re happy to have everyone, gay or straight, black, white, brown or red, it makes no difference to us. This is America folks and it is the greatest country in the world. Believe me when I tell you that we have a lot of members with very different political views, but we are all together in the belief that fiscally our country is out of control, and we the people are not being listened to.

For those of the area who made statements about not using the library, the folks at the library do a wonderful job so please reconsider, the library staff are very kind and wonderful people. One decision that someone does not agree with should not close down the library. Let’s be real, we are very lucky to have such a great library here.

I believe a lot of things were said by Solomon’s blog to get people excited. I believe that we in Potter County are fortunate to have each other for neighbors. Let’s love and respect each other, and go out of our way to help others out just as we did before the movie showed up at the library.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless America and everyone who lives here.

George E. Brown
Potter County Tea Party

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It does not surprise me. The filmmakers more then likely have a problem with the Tea Party. So in a effort to make them LOOK bad they made up lies to stir things up. It also draws attention to themselves, after all no one can look good, Unless someone looks bad.

    So it seems.

    Media distorts the truth everyday, so Potter County Tea Party be prepared for this.

    I for one, just knowing the makers of this film are liars and hypocrites, I would not give the movie my time!

    I also think Jim Jones owes the PUBLIC an apology for jumping the gun and “reprinting” another blog post, before he know it to be true or not.

    Thank you Coudy News and to others for helping to bring the truth to the situation.

    While some are voicing their thoughts and opinions on “where” this film is being shown, others are busy using it as a chance to let of some inward anger towards others. Throwing accusations of hate to those who do not approve of this film, or approve of WHERE it is being shown.

    Never was a protest mentioned, only a plea for those concerned to let the Library know how they felt about such a film being presented in a place that is clearly supported by tax payers dollars.

    And this is the right and the duty of those who are concerned.

    I applaud the Tea Party and Pastor Pete for standing firm on their beliefs and doing so with dignity and concern for others.

  2. Robert H Miller says:

    Censorshop of any kind, especially on the intellectually sacred ground of a public library is just wrong. Libraries are all about ideas…and communication…and free speech. I am still reeling over Sarah Palin’s attempt to act a thought censor. Keep gutter politics in the gutter and fundie churches where they belong.

  3. Patrick says:

    Let see what the bid deal is here. Local Pastors and those such as George Brown get to espouse their anti-gay views as much as they want (including in the local Library) but if someone dares to present an opposing point of view they attempt to silence it before it even get aired.

    When did Americans get to be such stupid ignorant cowards? You don’t like someones point of view? Fine, then don’t agree with it. But trying to shut it out before even hearing it really shows that yup,… your a prejudiced bigot. Whether the subject is gays or anything else in the world. Really, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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