Goffredo to Tioga County Prison Following Simple Assault/Harassment

Trooper Daniel Denucci of the Mansfield PSP reports that on 4-5-12 between 1500 and 1530 hours he investigated an incident of simple assault in Tioga, PA.  The accused, Warren Corrizzio Goffredo struck the victim, a 39 year old female, in the face with a closed fist, kicked the victim in the right side of the abdomen, and did grab the victim by the hair and slam her face against a table multiple times following a verbal altercation over their current relationship status. Goffredo was taken into custody and charged with Title 18, Section 2701 Simple Assault and Title 18, Section 2709 Harassment.  He was subsequently placed in Tioga County Prison.

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  1. Looking811 says:

    Warren, i know him well. He has stolen property and money from me. he claimed to be the recipient of the medal of honor, navy cross and several purple hearts. And in the just recent past he was arrested for stealing a woman s purse from ALDI’s. This is not a nice person he is a devious thing. to beat a woman like that my god who does that. Watch out you could be on his list next so be careful if someone tells you they are a war hero. dont be stupid like me and open your home and wallet to this man

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