Harrison Valley Man Faces Drug Charges

HARRISON TWP. – Charges against a Harrison Valley man accused of possessing a small amount of a controlled-substance are pending in Delores G. Bristol’s courtroom.

Police say 27-year-old Justin L. Tubbs was found to be in possession of the unidentified controlled-substance while police were executing an arrest warrant at a location in Harrison Township, approximately 1/4 mile from the Tioga County line on Wednesday, June 15.

Court documents were not available at the time of this posting.

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  1. Annoyed says:

    With all of the trouble that he has been in since he was 12 years old you would think after numerous drug charges and setting houses on fire that they would stop letting him snitch on people and actually lock him up. thats where he belongs. Yes he does have 1 child but i dont know how anyone could actually consider him a father!! he is worthless. He has never done anything good in his life. He brings himself down constantly as well as everyone around him! I really wish the cops would stop letting him snitch on everyone and actually make him serve some time like he actually derserves. I mean enough is enough. But mark my words…..he wont get in any trouble. he will squeel like a pig, smoke some pole, and even make up lies about people just to get himself out of trouble. Anyone that acutally knows him personally, know that he belongs in jail. It would actually do the rat some good!!!!

  2. if the law would work ! says:

    I could not have said it better ******** and the word is used loosely is the biggest drug addict, squealer( to better himself) low life ,lieing,piece of human in the valley !!! ******** has lied to his parents family and friends so much that if he say’s it’s raining you had better look !! **** has had so many fights with 5 to 10 people and beat everyone of them !!! **** thinks this makes him look tough, huh he has head and drug problems,send him away for 20 and quit suckin into his poor me stories. good gosh, get you new snitches. PLEASE.

  3. Let's see says:

    Well apparently both of u 2 are snitches cuz of all u can blame and point fingers if u all know him than u would know one thing he has never done is snitched and he has sat in jail for a few of u ole supposevely good buds huh

  4. Let's see says:

    We all wish he would so come set down and have a cup of coffe and talk about it face to face..i bet u wouldn’t tell him that to his face

  5. Bill says:

    Admin, do you have any more information about this case?? I haven’t seen anything about this since this story.

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