Illegal Immigrants Arrested at Paul’s Motel

COUDERSPORT – The Sweden Township Police Department released the following statement via Facebook in regards to the incident at Paul’s Motel today:

What a long traffic stop…a stop that started in the Village of Sweden(Sweden Township) and ended at Paul’s Motel..5 of 8 illegals from the country of Mexico. ICE was notified..individuals were identified a d those that had committed a crime were arrested..Thanks for the assistance from Cdspt Boro PD ,(William Wentzel) PSP-Cdspt.. and the event so patient Tioga County Dispatchers.

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  1. amuncat says:

    Hopefully our law enforcement will be able to arrest them and deport them all. Just because they haven’t committed a “serious” crime is no reason for us to not enforce our laws!!! That’s the reason we have close to twenty million, forget 11 million, that’s so you will be more on board with the new amnesty.

    • jack barr says:

      I believe the number is closer to 30 million. That’s why both parties are trying to legalize them: votes.

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