Improving PA Jobs on House Agenda Next Week

The state House returns to session on Monday, April 30, to debate and vote on various issues of importance.

Improving the Commonwealth Jobs Climate

The House will continue its focus on rebuilding the state’s jobs climate from the destruction caused by Gov. Ed Rendell. Republicans are working to recreate in Pennsylvanian an atmosphere where people can build careers and improve their quality of life.

The fact is, private-sector job creation and career-building is the best social program.

Pennsylvania still is considered one of the states with the highest cost of doing business when state and local taxes, fees, regulatory requirements and health care are combined. Improving the Commonwealth’s jobs climate and lowering the cost of doing business in the state will lead to higher employment and economic growth.

Next week, the full House will consider legislation to reform the state’s antiquated business tax structure to bring more equity and fairness to all job creators in Pennsylvania. House Bill 2150 (Rep. Dave Reed, R-Indiana) would eliminate the so-called Delaware Loophole while implementing other necessary reforms.

By working together, the House Republicans, Senate and Gov. Tom Corbett are moving to change the state’s reputation and throw open Pennsylvania’s doors to job creation and retention.

The Weekly Schedule

Bill numbers will be used to identify the legislation being considered either in committee or on the House floor.  The bills, sponsors and summaries are posted below.

Monday, April 30

Committee Meetings/Hearings

    • HEALTH, Call of the Chair, Room G-50, Irvis Office Building
      • HB 1948 (Rep. Tim Krieger, R-Westmoreland):  Creates the Electronic Benefits Transfer Card Management Program within the Department of Public Welfare to promulgate rules and regulations regarding acceptable purchases and to establish oversight in order to ensure proper use of the benefit program.
      • HR 523 (Rep. Karen Boback, R-Columbia/Luzerne/Wyoming):  Memorializes the Congress of the United States in its health care reform decisions to apply the American Cancer Society’s guidelines for prostate cancer screening.


On Monday, the House will convene at 1 p.m. for legislative business. The members will vote the uncontested calendar and Rule 35 resolutions.

Votes on Second Consideration

  • HB 65 (Rep. Curt Schroder, R-Chester):  Provides for the relocation of a revoked Category 2 slot machine license and establishes the procedures for the auction of any revoked slot machine license.
  • HB 527 (Rep. Jim Marshall, R-Beaver):  Establishes an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) memorial flag.
  • HB 2300 (Rep. Dave Maloney, R-Berks):  Constitutional amendment to allow local taxing authorities to exclude from taxation up to 100 percent of the assessed value of the homestead property receiving the exclusion.
  • SB 1141 (Sen. Charles McIlhinney, R-Bucks/Montgomery):  Defines “relocated manufactured home” and requires the Department of Community and Economic Development to promulgate regulations regarding installation and safety requirements for relocated manufactured homes.
  • HR 636 (Rep. Mark Mustio, R-Allegheny):  Encourages the President of the United States and Congress to reconsider closing the 911th Airlift Wing in Moon, Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, May 1

Committee Meetings/Hearings

    • STATE GOVERNMENT, 9 a.m., Room G-50, Irvis Office Building
      • Public hearing on:
        • HB 418 (Rep. Tim Krieger, R-Westmoreland):  Requires any member elected to serve in the General Assembly after Dec. 1, 2012, to be a mandatory member of the state pension system and creates a defined contribution plan for state legislators’ pensions.
        • HB 551 (Rep. Scott Petri, R-Bucks):  Requires the state board of education to establish and administer an optional defined contribution retirement program, under which retirement benefits will be provided for qualified employees who elect to participate in lieu of membership in the Public School Employes’ Retirement System.
        • HB 552 (Rep. Scott Petri):  Requires the state employees’ retirement board to establish and administer an optional defined contribution retirement program, under which retirement benefits will be provided for qualified employees who elect to participate in lieu of membership in the State Employees’ Retirement System.
        • HB 2200 (Rep. Eli Evankovich, R-Armstrong/Westmoreland):  Establishes a new defined contribution benefit plan for new members and staff of the General Assembly as of Nov. 30, 2012.
        • HB 1676 (Rep. Scott Boyd, R-Lancaster):  Creates a new “cash balance plan” class for state employees joining the State Employees’ Retirement System on or after Jan. 1, 2012.
        • HB 1677 (Rep. Scott Boyd):  Creates a new “cash balance plan” class in the Public School Employes’ Retirement System for incoming school employees on or after July 1, 2012; upon separation from service on or after age 55, the employee receives an annuity equal to the amount of their account balance, which is accrued with a 7.5 percent employee contribution rate, a 5 percent employer contribution rate, and a defined 4 percent interest credit.
    • LIQUOR CONTROL, 9 a.m., Room 60, East Wing
      • Public hearing on HB 1231 (Rep. Ron Waters, D-Delaware/Philadelphia):  Restricts an appellate court’s ability to overturn a decision by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to instances where there is an error of law, abuse of discretion, or a lack of substantial evidence; increases the maximum fine for non-enhanced liquor code violations from $1,000 to $2,000; and increases the fine range for enhanced liquor code violations from $1,000-$5,000 to $2,000-$10,000.
    • CONSUMER AFFAIRS, 9:30 a.m., Room B-31, Main Capitol Building
      • HB 60 (Rep. Kate Harper, R-Montgomery):  Prohibits a public utility from charging standby fees to volunteer fire companies, nonprofit rescue squads and ambulance services associated with automatic fire protection systems.
      • HB 2031 (Rep. Frank Farry, R-Bucks):  Requires most residential homes and apartments to have approved carbon monoxide alarm detectors installed in them if the home has a fossil fuel-burning heater/appliance, fireplace, or an attached garage; establishes the failure to install and maintain the detector as a summary offense, punishable with a $50 fine; and further establishes the tampering, removing, or destruction of a detector as a summary offense for first-time convictions, with a fine of $500, and as a third-degree misdemeanor, with a fine of $3,000, for subsequent violations.
    • JUDICIARY, 10 a.m., Room 205, Ryan Office Building
      • HB 1521 (Rep. Kate Harper, R-Montgomery):  Establishes the possession of a vehicle with false compartments with the intent to utilize the compartments for illegal purposes as a misdemeanor of the first degree; establishes the design and construction of such a vehicle compartment as a second-degree misdemeanor; and provides for license suspension upon conviction and forfeiture of the vehicle.
      • HB 1289 (Rep. Jeff Pyle, R-Armstrong/Indiana):  Requires the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing to create a sentencing enhancement if a person over 18 years of age is convicted of selling controlled substances in the presence of a minor and the person convicted is the minor’s parent, guardian, or a person standing in loco parentis to the minor.


On Tuesday the House will meet at 11 a.m. for legislative business.

Votes on Second Consideration

  • HB 84 (Rep. Curtis Thomas, D-Philadelphia): Removes the exemption for counties of the first class (Philadelphia) from the Assessors Certification Act of 1992 and requires assessors currently employed by a county of the first class to become certified within four years from the effective date.
  • HB 254 (Rep. Seth Grove, R-York):  Requires completion of a PennDOT-approved motorcycle safety course in order to obtain a Class M (motorcycle) junior driver’s license.
  • HB 1100 (Rep. Peter Daley, D-Fayette/Washington):  Excludes the sale at retail or use of aircraft parts exclusively in repair, maintenance or rebuilding of aircraft and the sale at retail or use of fixed-wing aircraft from the Commonwealth’s 6 percent Sales and Use Tax.
  • HB 1616 (Rep. Gordon Denlinger, R-Lancaster):  Creates a new corporation class within the Commonwealth, a Benefit Corporation, which redefines the fiduciary duty of a corporation’s directors, allowing them to take non-financial interests into consideration when making decisions for the corporation.
  • HB 1908 (Rep. Nicholas Micozzie, R-Delaware):  Establishes standards for tow truck operators and towing storage facilities and provides that violations of the act also violate the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law.
  • HB 1909 (Rep. Will Tallman, R-Adams/York):  Provides for the election of a tax collector and the appointment of a treasurer under the First Class Township Code, and permits the township commissioners to appoint the same person to serve in both capacities.
  • HB 2116 (Rep. Will Tallman):  Provides for the transition from elected township treasurers to elected tax collectors in first class townships under the Local Tax Collection Law.
  • HB 2150 (Rep. Dave Reed, R-Indiana):  Regarding the corporate net income tax: amends the definition of taxable income to state that no deduction shall be allowed for an intangible expense or cost paid, accrued or incurred in connection with one or more transactions with an affiliated entity for taxable years beginning after Dec. 31, 2012; provides a schedule to remove the cap on net operating loss deductions; and provides a schedule for decreasing the corporate net income tax rate from 9.49 percent to 6.99 percent over a period of six years beginning in the taxable year 2014.
  • HB 2285 (Rep. Sheryl Delozier, R-Cumberland):  Increases the threshold for court approval of a custodial account of a minor from $25,000 to $50,000.

Votes on Third Consideration

  • HB 65 (Rep. Curt Schroder)
  • HB 527 (Rep. Jim Marshall)
  • HB 2300 (Rep. Dave Maloney)
  • SB 1141 (Sen. Charles McIlhinney)

Wednesday, May 2

Committee Meetings/Hearings

    • TOURISM AND RECREATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, 9:15 a.m., Harrisburg Hilton, One N. Second Street, Harrisburg
      • Public hearing to view a presentation by the PA Convention and Visitors Bureau.
    • AGING AND OLDER ADULT SERVICES, 9:30 a.m., Room B-31, Main Capitol Building
      • HB 2270 (Rep. Kathy Watson, R-Bucks):  Establishes the Alzheimer’s Disease State Planning Committee, which will develop and present an Alzheimer’s Disease State Plan to the General Assembly within one year of its enactment.
    • VETERANS AFFAIRS AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, Call of the Chair, Room B-31, Main Capitol Building
      • HB 2321 (Rep. Doyle Heffley, R-Carbon):  Establishes that a veteran holding a professional or occupational license or certificate from a Commonwealth agency is not required to forfeit his or her license or registration when called to active duty for more than 30 days and will be exempt from any continuing educational requirements or in-service training requirements.


On Wednesday the House will meet at 11 a.m. for legislative business.

Votes on Third Consideration

  • HB 84 (Rep. Curtis Thomas)
  • HB 254 (Rep. Seth Grove)
  • HB 1100 (Rep. Peter Daley)
  • HB 1616 (Rep. Gordon Denlinger)
  • HB 1909 (Rep. Will Tallman)
  • HB 2116 (Rep. Will Tallman)
  • HB 2150 (Rep. Dave Reed)
  • HB 2285 (Rep. Sheryl Delozier)

Thursday, May 3

Committee Meetings/Hearings

    • CONSUMER AFFAIRS, 9 a.m., Room 140, Main Capitol Building
      • Public hearing on HB 2191 (Rep. Chris Ross, R-Chester):  Establishes a new regulatory program within the Department of Banking governing short-term, or payday, loans in Pennsylvania.
    • HUMAN SERVICES, 9:30 a.m., Room 60, East Wing
      • Informational meeting on the impact of policy changes on consumers and families receiving services through the Office of Long-Term Living and the Department of Public Welfare.


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