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Founder of Adelphia and former Coudersport resident John Rigas, now a resident of the Butler Federal Correctional Complex, has started a Facebook page.

Available is a short biography and link to his website and the following statement posted to his wall:

Hello. I would appreciate hearing your memories or thoughts about myself, Adelphia, or the Coudersport community. I would like to collect as many memories and comments as possible so that I can preserve these memories and stories for future generations. Thanks for your help and input!

To view the page, click here.

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  1. Daniel predmore says:

    I’m not sure where to start. John is a most special man to me and my family. Every since I was very very young my father wells worked for John and I had many occasions to be in his presence. He treated everyone in our small community as if they were his family. When we would see himm he always shook my hand at a very vigorous pace as to make it feel like it was vibrating. A little thing I do to my children and there friends. We didn’t have alot growing up as most people reading this will know. John used to let me and my friends in the movies for free and give us candy and popcorn another fine memory for me. But I think the greatest act of kindness ever bestowed on us from John. I was just 21 years old starting a new family and didn’t even have enough to provide for my own when my youngest brother was taken. None of us knew how we were going to get jasons body back to coudersport let alone have a funneral and bury him. I left Alaska with all the money I could scrounge up about a thousand bucks went home to find that John had taken care of bringing Jason home. While at the funneral John approached me and asked me how I liked Alaska andadvised me to stay here. At the time I was puzzled by his comment but after carful thought I remixes John only wished the best for me and knew retuning to potter county would not be in my best interest. HE WAS CORRECT. After the service I had went to make arrangements to pay for the funeral with my thousand dollars knowing I was going to be in debt for sometime trying to pay for that and my family. While I was talking to the funeral director he collected my money and informed me that there would be no balance due as John had instructed the director that he would take care of what we could not. what an incredible man John Rigas is he inspired me to start my own business which has been very good to me. JOHN IF I COULD TAKE YOUR PLACE SO YOU COULD BE FREE I WOULD IN A MINUTE. That’s how the great John rigas affected my life. John you are an amazing man and I will never forget you thank you for all you have done for my family and the countless others that have benifitted from your selfless acts of kindness you are a great man

    from the Predmore family of anchorage Alaska

  2. Pam Sprouse says:

    I was a proud employee of Adelphia for 14 yrs. I was treated very well with great pay and wonderful benefits. I gained great work experiences that help me to grow as a person and gave me confidence. We were a family at Adelphia. Mr. Rigas you always went out of your way to show your appreciation for all those who worked for you. Your generous heart reached out to the community as well. I will be forever grateful for all that you did for my family and me. May God Bless you and give you your heart desires and may the real truth set you free to do the purpose God truly intended for you.

  3. look again says:

    You guys, your comments are lovely, but he wants them ON HIS FACEBOOK PAGE!!!!

  4. admin says:

    If it’s any consolation, the comments here get pushed to our Facebook page, which is then linked to on John’s wall.

  5. Rita Erway says:

    Mr. Rigas, Where does one start to describe your life and all of your attributes? I have known you my entire life and hold you in high regard as a friend. Many years ago you took my Uncle Donnie Lehman under your wing when he was a teen in Wellsville when he needed someone. You have always been a friend to all and would do anything you could to help out anyone in need. I had the priviledge of attending several of your Christmas concerts and will always remember how wonderful they were. You have given so much to so many without even realizing it. You just did things for people in general, it didn’t matter where you came from or what your social status was……you would always have a smile and a hello. It is too bad that all people can’t be that way. What a better world this would be. You have touched so many lives in Potter County and beyond with your generosity and “just being You”! You and your family are continually in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you, John.

  6. how nice says:

    Isn’t it amazing how generous you can be with other peoples money? I’m not saying John wasn’t a great man, but look where it got him.

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