LINK: Allegany Man Confesses to Murder

From the 1490NewsBlog
by Anne Holliday

A 22-year-old man has confessed to killing another man in an Allegany trailer park late Monday night.

The statement Gregory Farr gave to state police says he hit 58-year-old Stephen Balser with a crowbar several times, punched him, wrapped his hands and feet with duct tape and then stabbed him until he stopped moving.

Balser lived with a friend of Farr’s at Valley View Estates and Farr said he had only known him for a couple of months. He said that over the last few days Balser had accused him of taking things. He told police that he told Balser he was “sick of him bringing my name out of his mouth sideways, by which I mean he was disrespecting me and my name.”

During his interview with police they asked how Balser reacted to the conversation. Farr said his friend Doug told him Balser said if he came back on the property “he would knock me on my ass.”

Farr then told police he had planned to wait outside in a tent where Balser went to smoke, and would scare him by hitting him one time with a crowbar.

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