Local Duo Studying Compressed Natural Gas

20110801_292There are several moves afoot to develop a network of compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations across northern Pennsylvania. If these plans come to fruition, fleet owners and other consumers are expected to convert from burning gasoline to powering their vehicles with CNG, at a considerable cost savings. Development of technology to produce gas from shale formations two miles or more below the surface in much of Pennsylvania has sparked an interest in boosting demand for natural gas. Use of CNG by the motoring public and conversion of electricity generation from coal to gas are seen as two of the most likely outcomes as more gas is produced.

On Tuesday (July 24), two local representatives will attend a program being sponsored by  the respected CNG Focus Group in Corning, N.Y. District Forester Chris Nicholas will attend on behalf of the Susquehannock State Forest, while Curt Weinhold will represent the Potter County Natural Gas Resource Center Advisory Committee. Speakers will include Aron Lantz, an innovation engineer with Larson Design Group; Mike Narcavage from Chesapeake Energy’s Corporate Development Group, and Mike German, president and CEO of Corning Natural Gas. More information is available at the website, cngfocusgroup.com.

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