More Photos of St. James Hotel Fire in Cuba, NY

Photos of the fire that ravaged the historic St. James Hotel in Cuba, NY early this morning can be viewed by clicking here.

Photos compliments and copyright © 2011 Dave Wagner.

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  1. Cody Ayers says:

    Wow. this fire looks huge

  2. Frieda says:

    Boy Cuba is having terrible fires this year. I went to St James bar 8-10 years back and it was a dive. Some locals loved it though. Bet it was quite a place back in it’s day, but it had suffered from age whn I went there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    St.James 1835-2011 oldest building in allegany county.Quite the historical place.every one that work there up to present is in the historical records of St.James in ct house.started out a very classy hotel with a stage coach out front and a blacksmith and stables out back.Fine dinning,dancing hall,elite stay,for the travelers.What a shame. Im proud to say im on the St.James RECORDS As one of the employs. In Cuba today, Ppl of all ages were sooo sad. We all felt like a good friend had left us. Mayb becuz all r life St.James was there.Mayb all the family treasured memories of ,dairy week,holloween,b-day parties with music were all family oriented and done by 9:00pm.Then it was adult time.which at times ud think they were kids lol….R.I.P OLD FRIEND DIng and Di Anna

  4. Terry Bump says:

    I moved away from Cuba in 1972 when I joined the Navy. I remember buying beer in the bar as an 18 year old teenager and it looked scruffy back then too. I used to hang out at Echo Lanes, but I guess that burned a while back. The St. James was still a historical building and I am saddened to see it disappear into history and our memories. I was a volunteer firefighter/emergency medical technician in Port Orchard, Washington 30 years ago and I know how dangerous a job it is to stop a fire like this. Thank you to all the area firefighters for your hard work. You saved the town!

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