BREAKING: Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Accident on East 2nd Street in Coudersport

Coudersport Dept. 48 dispatched

Update: Unconfirmed reports indicate that this accident may not have been a hit-and-run accident at all. While initial dispatches indicated the vehicle had fled the scene of the accident without slowing, witnesses tell CoudyNews that the vehicle involved, driven by a male, stopped near the Consistory and Ambulance Hall to call 911. This is however, contradictory to witness accounts at the scene, which corroborated the hit-and-run report by indicating that another driver had come upon the accident and discovered the victims. Sadly, we have also received word that the victims of this accident; a mother and daughter, were severely injured. An emergency transfer from Charles Cole Memorial Hospital to Geisinger Medical Center was dispatched, although it’s relation in regards to the victims of this accident is unknown.

Update: 7:00 pm Authorities have re -opened Route 6.

Raw video of the scene can be viewed here.

Route 6 is closed at the bridge on East Second Street in Coudersport.

Update: Police are on scene investigating this hit-and-run accident. On scene reports indicate that an unknown vehicle traveled off the roadway and struck two pedestrians who were on the Western sidewalk just before the East Second Street bridge next to the Consistory. The vehicle reportedly never slowed and continued travelling East on Route 6. Both patients have been transported to the hospital.


–No description of the vehicle yet–

Medicopters are grounded due to weather…

For a vehicle vs. pedestrian accident on East Second Street in the Borough of Coudersport.

Reports indicate possibly two patients.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Prayers to all those involved.

  2. Anonymous says:

    REally sad. Hope everyone is ok. Is there any updates?

  3. ashley says:

    this is my aunt n cousin … cousin is in really bad shape this is so unfair !!!!! i want to know who this man is n why he did this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Robert says:

    This is so sad. My heart breaks to think of this young girl. What if this was one of my children? I cannot imagine. A terrible tragedy.

    Please let this little girl be okay. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Robert says:

    There was a mom and daughter in this accident. The mom will be okay but was hurt pretty badly. The girl isn’t doing very well. She is in a coma and has had brain surgery.

    I don’t know about the details of the accident, just praying that this girl will be okay.

    Deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers :'(

  6. linda mowday says:

    wow i know who they r poor baby her life has been so rough and now this my heart is broke so worried for her

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