Olean Musician Releases Politically Charged Song Aimed at Corporate Greed

Wall Street WaltzOLEAN, N.Y. – When Olean, NY resident CW Eddy started writing the lyrics to his newest song, he knew he wanted to make a bold statement about corporate greed. “I wrote a song called “Wall St. Waltz”…(aka) “Wikigreedia” as a commentary of these times we live in,” says C.W. Eddy, a retired contractor who is now focused on writing, counseling, humanitarian missions, and songwriting.

ComScoreWall Street Waltz is a scathing indictment of the pervasive greed in America – starting with Wall Street. Eddy describes that as “wikigreedia” – “I coined a new word for an old condition. Wiki is a Hawaiian word that generally meansquick or fast. I have lived a little while and do not think the nature of man has changed dramatically over the centuries. I think there have always been greedy people and opportunists in every generation. And yet, the ‘wiki-ness’ of our times may be unprecedented.”
The song is the second song that Eddy has released under the moniker “Mzee” (which means “elder” in Swahili). Previously, Eddy worked with a Jamaican artist to record a political parody song entitled “Green Card Song” that talks about attitudes and mindsets surrounding immigration.

The Portville High School graduate has also released a series of songs under the moniker “Just Life” which focuses on family dynamics. Eddy uses those songs along with his counseling experience to help people overcoming issues such as loss, failure, and relationship struggles.Eddy usually writes the lyrics, and then works with Merrill Strauss of MAS Production Studios of Salamanca to put them to music. “Merrill has amazing talents and the process of building music is fascinating.” says Eddy.

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  1. Gr8tGamer says:

    “drill baby drill”…. “puppets on Capitol Hill”… love it!

  2. MIMAN says:

    any mention of Adelphia greed in the song? it was ripe for some local inclusion!

    • Mrsriggle says:

      You must not have lived through the 60’s and 70’s when John did so much for our community…he really is a nice person.

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