Op-Ed: American Morality – Can it be restored?

Joshua Hatcher of Josh Hatcher Media and the Roulette Rebel

Op-Ed by Joshua Hatcher
The Roulette Rebel & Josh Hatcher Media

I understand that our culture has “evolved” to a place where they don’t want “religion” anymore. And while I do have a deep personal faith in Jesus, and I wish that all people shared it – I understand that not everyone wants it.

I also understand that the WAY that “religious” people sometimes enforced morality in the past was damaging to the reputation of people of faith.

But I think we lost something when our culture “cast off” faith. I think we lost a moral center, and that is what we are paying for now. If we can’t settle on what is right and what is wrong, than the people will do whatever benefits them the most, and it doesn’t matter beyond that.

Am I saying that we need to go to a Judeo-Christian “sharia-law?” Certainly not! I’m just saying that here we are – at a crossroads. Where corporate greed allows CEO’s to make RIDICULOUSLY more than their wage-slaves. Where people’s word is NOT their bond, and they cheat and steal and break promises that were meant to be kept. Where young children are sold into sex slavery – (yes. right here in the US!) Where students in school think that cheating on tests is acceptable. In fact – teachers just assume it will happen, rather than try to stop it.

Where do we go from here?

Some of my friends that share my faith will no doubt suggest a “revival” or another “great awakening” – which, I would agree – would be a GREAT thing for America.

However, while I do believe in an all powerful God, who could easily change the course of a nation willing to turn to him…

I have my doubts as to whether America is ready to make the sacrifices necessary for such a change.

So where do we go from here?

How does a “post-christian” nation find a common morality?

How can we be a “United” States of America when we cannot agree on something as simple as what things are right and what things are wrong?

I would love to open this up to discussion, and hear some thoughts about a common morality, and how we can work toward it in a “post-christian” world.

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  1. Brian Parsons says:

    America has never in her existence agreed on what is right and what is wrong. While I agree with much of your sentiment, I believe the collapse of society boils down to the family unit and not a lack of religion. When the basic structure of society falls, much like a Jenga tower, the greater falls with it. Much of this due to government replacing the family. In times past, the family unit had a mother and father, and typically the father worked and the mother kept the home. Given the low amount of inflation, a family could be sustained on a single income. Over-inflation, over-regulation and over-burdening of the family unit, combined with government subsidies have made it possible for single-parent households to be sustained. In addition to the enabling of deadbeat fathers. Not that these things are new, just far more prevalent. Even if a family survives on two incomes with both mother and father working, there is little time left for family. In an effort to not diverge from the idea of the family structure being the problem, I will simply end on the role of the government as a catalyst for this collapse. Society is being raised by popular culture, which is and always has been predominantly Godless. In an effort to bring up the bottom, the government has leveled the playing field and brought everyone else down.

  2. Jim "The Philospher" Kaby says:

    Unfortunately we live in a society that believes government can legislate morality. Morality cannot be forced upon citizens, it is something that is inherent within the culture and particular society, and yes, religion has served its purpose in this aspect throughout much of history. Also unfortunate is that many Americans today actually use religion as a crutch to justify the death of foreigners, in the name of God.

    America has become desensitized to violence – Hollywood practically preaches it and children are exposed to murder, torture and mayhem from all angles – movies, video games and even the news.

    Tragically, it is my opinion that the only way morality will be restored, is with a collapse. History has proven time and time again that only a fresh start can wipe away the corruption which will see prevailing in our current society.

    Sadly “Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it”, and those of us who have learned from history are doomed to sit by and watch others repeat it.

    The American economy is on the brink of collapse. This is a truth that is hard to deny. The US Dollar continues to weaken while foreign nations such as China continue to bolster their wealth in tangible valuables, such as gold and silver.

    Whether our economic demise leads to a new and better America with restored morality, or culminates in the end of the greatest nation ever, is yet to be seen.

    We still have a chance to reverse the Socialist/Marxist ideologies that toppled other great nations, but time is running thin.

    Vote Ron Paul!

    • Torren says:

      Honestly, I think only the 2nd coming of Christ is going to cleanse this earth. Evil has too much a stronghold on it, and too many people just don’t care. It’s unfortunate.

    • Jim "The Philospher" Kaby says:

      Perhaps the American economic collapse will coincide with the return of your Lord, Jesus The Christ.

    • While I do think that Jesus will return someday – I think it’s awfully cocky for us to think that America’s demise will have anything to do with it.

      and to Brian Parsons –

      The “Family Unit” is central to Judeo-Christian ethics –

      but again – we Americans can’t agree on what THAT is either these days.

  3. Anne Nonimas says:

    Americans are too dumb and brainwashed to even realize they’ve lost their morality.

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