OPINION: Through an Old Timer’s Eye

Christmas is here.

All the little kids who still believe in Old Saint Nick have been extra good.

There are very few nativity displays and I believe it is because of the federal government.

It upsets me that the people of religion don’t stand up and fight for their rights to say the Lord’s Prayer in school or say the Pledge of Allegiance.

I’m not beating a religious drum, but a lot of your rights have been taken away because of the way the Constitution has been misused. Since the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer are not allowed in most public schools any more because the word God is mentioned, a 15-year-old school boy from Arizona wrote a new school prayer:
“Now I sit me down in
Where praying is against
the rule.
For this great nation
under God,
Finds mention of him very
It’s scary here, I must
When chaos reigns, the
school’s a mess.
So Lord, this silent plea I
Should I be shot, my soul
please take.”

Last week our publisher wrote some really good information about an old friend, Jim Miller. He described Jim’s many attributes and how he is an asset to the community.

In times gone by, Jim was one of the guys who used to attend the Wednesday afternoon sessions at Bill Grimone’s camp in Waldy Run. Old Zeke Reynolds told me that you didn’t know a man until you went to camp with him.

That statement always stuck with me and it proved so right about Jim Miller.

Not one time did I ever hear one disparaging remark made by Jim about any fellow man and this was a rare thing when the Shoot the Moon card game would get hot and heavy.

I believe the title of “Gentleman Jim” best fits this icon of good manners.

Wall Street has been keeping the investors happy the last couple of weeks, but like they do every so often, they’ll let the bottom fall out of the market and away go the gains leaving a lot of unhappy people.

The commercials on TV sure do paint a rosy picture about some of these products they are pitching. “Buy one and get one free” seems to be the big lure to get you in the door. The auto dealers almost make you believe that they are giving cars away. No matter what your credit history is, they will get you financed. I think the Mafia is in the money- lending business again. If you are a day late, they come by and break your leg.

Now you can fill a tenroom house with furniture and not pay anything for a whole year. I wonder how all these gimmicks work.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who read my ramblings.

Put a big smile on your face and hold your head up high, because it is great to be an American. It might be against the law some day, but I am going to say it anyway:

God bless America.

Read this article and more great news in this week’s edition of the Endeavor News.

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  1. J says:

    Just my opinion, but I think the lack of religion in homes and reduced church attendance has far more impact than the lack of religion in schools. Most states actually have laws requiring that students be allowed to recite the pledge of allegiance. The Lord’s prayer has is a different story, of course. Catholics were among the first to protest being forced to recite the protestent version of the prayer and most mainline protestant demoninations today (e.g., Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians) and many other religious groups oppose required prayer in schools. So the opposition isn’t the “religious” versus the “non-religious” as it is often portrayed.

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