Potter County Hospice Receives Numerous Donations

Potter County Hospice received the following charitable donations recently.

Gifts were made in memory of Glenn Harvey by Mr. and Mrs. James Krauss; in memory of Marian Shaffer by Lorean Lemons, Mr. and Mrs. James Shaffer; in memory of George Barr by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welsh, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Gordnier, Edwin Corey, Emporium Specialties Co.; in memory of Wilma Nelson by Jack Cody, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nelson, Jr.; in memory of John Neville by Elaine Davis; in memory of Sherril Stubbs by Mr. and Mrs. Gary Boats, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eberl, Mildred Boats, Ceclia Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Knauer, Mr. and Mrs. John Rigas, Jim Mitchell, Mei-Ming Casino, Jon Stubbs, Mr. and Mrs. John Crooks, Thomasena Washburn; in memory of Francis Kellner by the American Legion Auxiliary; in memory of Ron Burrows by Alison Welfling;

in memory of Richard Doud by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Frey, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Burton, Potter County Land Sales/Lloyd Dugan, Ada Palmatier, Dominion Transmission, Inc.; in memory of Marie Freeman Dupont by Wanita Aldrich, Evelyn Jenigen, Jeanette Grass; in memory of Fred Moran by Carolyn Owens; in memory of James Commino by Mr. and Mrs. William Raney, Mr. and Mrs. Jack McLaughlin, Mary Major; in memory of Fannie Boyd by Susan Budaj; in memory of Bridget Ceccacci by Donna Batterson, Janet Long, Charles Cole Memorial Hospital staff, Cathy Bowen, Jan Bostic, Diane Erway, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Durian; in memory of Rachel McCloskey by Sherri Kinney; in memory of Patricia Krepps by Paul Krepps, Janet Pankake, Ester Krepps, Audrey Ranck, East Fork Sportsmen Club, Inc., Robert Winn and boys from camp, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dietz, R. Drew Patterson, Nathan Fisher, Kris, Michelle and Linda, Wendy Klinger, Robin Mathias, Get Together Club of Austin;

in memory of Peter Beslievre by Mrs. P. Beslievre; in memory of Robert Froebel by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lush, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Devling, Janice Murphy, Kevin Murphy and family, Karen Murphy-Root and sons, Ken Murphy and family and Kris, Michelle and Linda; in memory of Carolyn Walizer by Elery Walizer; in memory of Harry Myers of Bonnie Reed, Linda Brown, Thelma Sharpe, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kovacs, Dorothy Howell; in memory of Kathy Ennis by Margaret Burdick; in memory of Eileen Flint by Ruth Chapin, Betty Culver; in memory of David Galley by Deborah Galley; in memory of Alice Irons by Scott Herzog, Jill DiFonzo, Betty Difonzo, Smethport ESPA, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Johnson, Vernice Irons, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Aboser; in memory of Sandy Pease and Ron King by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pease; in memory of Beulah Martinez by Ethel Stombaugh, Doris Lambert, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spiegel; in honor of Sue Lush by Janet Long.

Miscellaneous donations were also made by Office Girls Club, Potter County Commissioners office, Rotary Club of Galeton, Andrew Bristol, Douglas James, David Robbins, Bernhardt Seligman, Thomas Slawson, National Fuel Gas Foundation, Gold Baptist Church, Gains Thimble Club, Ceres United Methodist Church, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Dugan

Potter County Hospice has been caring for patients and their families since 1984. Located at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital, it serves Potter, McKean, Cameron and Tioga counties. For more information, or to make a donation, call 274-0384.

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