Man Dead after Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound this Morning in Potter County

HARRISON TWP. – State Police in Coudersport say they are investigating the apparent suicide of a Hornell, NY man, which occurred this morning along Route 49 in Harrison Valley.

Police say 49-year-old Christopher J. Didas shot himself while at a pull-off along Route 49.

Didas was flown to Robert Packard Hospital in Sayre, PA, where he succumbed to his wound.

Police say the incident happened at approximately 2:30 a.m.

Trooper Glenn Drake, II is the investigating officer.

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  1. Kquill85 says:

    The fact that you would post this absolutely disgusts me. I am embarassed to have even read it. I wonder if it were a friend or relation to whomever published it, if it would have gotten published. Disappointing.

  2. coudynews says:

    If someone is murdered, it goes in the news. If someone dies in a car crash, it goes in the news. But, if someone shoots themself, it’s taboo?

    Let me point out that suicide has historically been treated as a crime. Furthermore, when a person shoots themself along a public highway, they expect it to be in the news.

  3. Mkays says:

    this person happens to be my brother in law and it is disgusting that it has to be in the news, however I too know people have jobs to do.

  4. Lojack716 says:

    I worked with Chris as a Police Officer in FL for several years and it is very sad to read this! Please don’t judge him unless you knew the disease he was losing a battle to!

  5. Toni says:

    This person happens to be my ex-husband who I still care for very much and his children are still having a hard time with this all and love their dad, we could just hope and pray he is in a better place and it was his disease that took his life through his actions. RIP Chris we love you

  6. AVIDHARLEY says:

    please dont judge Chris he was a sick man with his disease and just happen to not be able to take it anymore We love him and always will

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