Rash of Teen Drug Arrests in Wellsville

Total of 7 students arrested

WELLSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) – On the southern tier, there have been more arrests connected to a suspected school-day drug deal.

Many people assume drugs only happen in big bustling cities, but with the latest rash of arrests at Wellsville High School, we see that it’s everywhere.

Thursday, Wellsville Police arrested three more teens for illegally selling and possessing drugs. It’s now brings their total to seven teens arrested this week.

Wellsville Village Police Department Sgt. Bernard Riley said, “It’s always a disappointment when we find drugs like this in our schools.”

After further investigating, Wellsville Police made a second batch of arrests for drug activity at Wellsville High School. Thursday they arrested three people, two 17 year olds and an 18 year old for illegally selling and possessing drugs. On Wednesday, four others were arrested.

Three of them are charged with illegally selling prescription pills, and the other is charged with illegally possessing them.

Wellsville District Superintendent Kim Mueller says she’s surprised by the recent arrests, but happy that the students are being honest about exchanging pills in a school hallway.

Mueller said, “Students will always make some poor choices, and we’re here to help them fix those choices and make a better choice next time.”

Wednesday arrests involved two 15 and 16 years olds. The two 15 year olds were petitioned to family court and will likely face counseling and possibly probation. But those 16 and older can be charged as adults.

Riley said, “They have the potential to with the Class C Felony, jail time, large monetary fine or both.”

Riley says that even though several students were arrested and police raided a meth lab a few months ago, Wellsville does not have a drug problem.

“As far as a bigger problem than anywhere else, I don’t believe so. I think that Wellsville is now just starting to catch up actually to the problems of the other areas,” Riley said.

Police aren’t sure if any money was exchanged along with the prescription pills, but according to the law, it states that just giving pills to someone is the same as if they sold it. As for the names of the teens, we aren’t releasing most of them because a number of these students are very young.

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