Rendell: PA Economy Added Jobs in November

State unemployment rate continues to improve

Harrisburg – Pennsylvania’s economy is picking up as the overall unemploymentrate1 fell to 8.6 percent in November and the state added 5,100 non-farm jobs2,Governor Rendell said today.
“This extremely good news is a testament to the decisions we’ve made to continueinvesting in crucial economic development, job training and education programs.But even though our economy is improving, many Pennsylvania families are stilllooking for work and struggling to make ends meet,” Governor Rendell said, urgingCongress to reauthorize unemployment benefits. “Jobless Americans are at risk ofbeing left out in the cold unless both houses of Congress approve an extension thismonth.”
The Department of Labor & Industry reported today that November unemploymentin Pennsylvania was down 13,000, the fourth consecutive monthly decrease. This isthe third consecutive monthly increase in non-farm jobs; the job count is up 57,000from November 2009, including an 8,100 net increase in goods-producing jobs.
“Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate dropped two-tenths of a percentage point fromlast month. That’s the fourth month in a row the rate dropped, and now it is morethan a full percentage point better than the national rate of 9.8 percent,” GovernorRendell said. “For 92 of the last 95 months, our unemployment rate has been at orbelow the national rate.
“While this is good news for Pennsylvanians looking to find jobs, it also puts electedleaders on notice that now is not the time to cut an economic lifeline to millions ofAmericans and slow the recovery in the process. Unemployment assistance helpsfamilies meet basic living expenses; money that is returned almost immediatelyinto local economies.”
The Governor noted that unemployment compensation recipients receive anaverage of $310 per week in benefits. Without congressional reauthorization offederally funded benefits, 140,000 Pennsylvanians will lose their benefits inDecember.
“Without action by Congress, millions of Americans who lost jobs through no faultof their own will lose their only economic lifeline – also through no fault of theirown.
“Throughout the recession, Pennsylvania families have made some hard decisions.And now, as things are starting to look up, they need good leaders in Washingtonto make some hard decisions, too. It’s time to finish the recovery that we started,and to make sure all Americans have the opportunity to be part of that recovery.”

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