Residents Suing Chesapeake Energy over Contaminated Water Wells

Renee Taylor of The Morning Times reported that three families living on Paradise Road in Terry Township have filed lawsuits against Chesapeake Energy.  All three families have contaminated water wells.  DEP tests have confirmed their wells were contaminated with methane gas. Further DEP testing traced the methane to drilling conducted by Chesapeake Energy.

The families have spent the last nine months using temporary water tanks containing heavily chlorinated water.  The water is so laden with chlorine that they cannot use it to bathe because it causes rashes.  They now live with constant concern for the health of their families.  Property values have decreased by as much as $300,000.

The families believe Chesapeake Energy has provided an inadequate response and is denying fault for the contamination.

(To read the article by Renee Taylor, The Morning Times, click here)

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