Search at Patterson State Park

Coudersport Dept. 48 dispatched

A search has been initiated at the entrance of the Patterson State Park in Summit Township.
Listen to LIVE Scanner Coverage Here.

6:04 pm Dept. 48 dispatched for lost hunter search
6:28 pm Chief on scene establishing command
6:52 pm Galeton Dept. 10 dispatched to assist
7:00 pm Personnel are entering the valley to search for the hunter. It is believed that he will be sticking to low-lying areas.
7:52 pm Personnel say they have located the hunter but are having a hard time navigating the terrain. First aid has been requested. Crews are moving a truck and ATV down a logging road to move closer to patient.
8:10 pm Vehicles have reached the patient and rescue crew
8:30 pm Patient is out of the woods and refusing treatment

Click here to see a map of the Park.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Another flatlander lose his way? After they spent all that time finding him he refused tretment?

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