‘Stop Complaining about Out-of-State Workers and not having a Job’

At least 3 more local applicants needed to begin course, which practically guarantees job in natural gas industry

COUDERSPORT – Area organizers and county officials have worked tirelessly to support local residents’ ability to obtain jobs in the natural gas industry, but their efforts appear somewhat fruitless.

A free ShaleNET class is currently being offered, but organizers had to push the date back from the beginning of August to a tentative date of August 20, because of a lack of interest in the course.

Organizers say completion of the class practically guarantees a job. Virtually all of the individuals who completed the initial ShaleNET training course offered through PCEC earlier this year were offered jobs in the gas industry.

According to the State Unemployment Compensation Administration, more than 3,000 adults within Potter, McKean and Cameron Counties are “actively looking for work”, and collecting unemployment compensation while doing so.

A former ShaleNET student who spoke on condition of anonymity said he doesn’t understand the lack of interest and added, “Stop complaining about out-of-state workers and not having a job if you’re not going to do something about it. Right here is your chance.”

So, why the lack of interest? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below (please keep it clean).

More information on the course is available by clicking here.

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  1. SystemOppresses says:

    Two words. Background check.

  2. Me says:

    I am not sure how many our 3,000 unemployed people in Potter County are able to apply for this training.

    Potter County is big and who knows where all these people live, some might be woman too, with children at home. Some might live to far, and can not afford the gas to go to this training. Maybe some do not have reliable transportation. Possible fear of the dangers of working with gas? Possibly not having the money to pay for pre-admission clearances, physical examinations, and drug testing.

    Some might not be qualified. People might be under the impression that working in the Gas Industry is physically demanding, time demanding and a job that is far from home.

    Maybe some of those 3,000 are working part time jobs, while looking for better employment, but can not quit their jobs to attend the training. I am looking for a job and I AM registered with those 3,000, but it is not imperative that I work, I would be our second income. Also, I am not qualified for a job working in the field with the gas company.

    I’m not making excuses for lack of interest, but you asked why there could be a lack of interest. I am sure many of them have a valid reason for not wanting to be a part of the natural gas industry. I hope that those who would be interested have heard of this training. I would also hope that those who are able, will find out about the training and go!

    • Boysandthewomenwholovethem says:

      Boys and the women who love them

      “but it is not imperative that I work, I would be our second income”
      In general, I think this speaks volumes about a man. This tells me he has no sense to step up and be a respectable head of household, to be a provider and a contributor. There is no sense of urgency, only a willingness to sit back and wait for something that suites him. Of course there is no shame in his mind. Any effort is more respectable than non effort. Further, it is rationalized with reasons as to why it can’t be done, rather than taking hold and taking charge. Sadly, this leads to nowhere and you will always be in the same boat. Hopefully people like this will step aside and not influence those that will desire to better themselves and their family. Yes it is a dangerous environment, it is also well paying. Life is about risk verses reward. No risk, no reward. No risk is certain death.

  3. me says:

    Let me clarify one thing, I am registered to work with the Carrier Link, however I do not collect unemployment.

  4. Concerned says:

    What are disqualifying conditions on the background check. Some have things in their past and thats where it should stay. People need second chances!

  5. I’m glad to see that this post is tagged, albeit lastly, with, “Opinion.”

  6. DoryHippauf says:

    Working in the some of the most difficult environments on earth for weeks on end, with heavy machinery that is taken to the limit and on platforms that can explode and catch fire – oil and gas rig workers definitely have a dangerous job. But this occupation rewards those who choose it – the salaries are high, and for an inexperienced, uneducated applicant, the oil and gas industry offers great career opportunities.

    Maybe those not applying are too intelligent to be taken in by a frack ‘n run scam?

  7. Arabella says:

    People are not inclined to be a part of the gas industry that partakes in hydro- fracking which pollutes our water and puts peoples lives at risk. Many people do not agree with how the gas industry does it’s dirty work.

  8. Woofwoofrutter says:

    Get the Frack Out of Here!!!

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