The 2010 Marcellus Summit: Building a Sustainable Future

The Marcellus Summit scheduled for October 10th through 12th.

PennState Cooperative Extension

Penn State Cooperative Extension, in partnership with Penn State Outreach and the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission, has scheduled the 2010 Marcellus Summit for October 10th through 12th at the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel.  As the Marcellus shale development increases in the Commonwealth, the need to address the concerns and identify common goals with key stakeholders in collaborative partnerships is important, and the Summit is the tool to accomplish this.

The Summit will help to identify challenges, opportunities, and common goals among key stakeholders associated with the following topics:

•           Building consensus in a community/Working collaboratively with various stakeholders

•           Environmental concerns

•           Local economic opportunities

•           Issues for local governments and municipal officials

•           Legal issues in natural gas leasing and development

•           Natural gas pipelines and storage

•           Federal and state regulatory perspectives

Participants will have the opportunity to address issues comprehensively, with recognition and focus across the wide range of opportunities and challenges arising from natural gas development.

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