Unemployment Compensation Bill Passed

HARRISBURG – Governor Tom Corbett today thanked members of the Pennsylvania Senate and the House of Representatives for passing Senate Bill 1310, which will allow the state to pay off its $3.87 billion debt to the federal government and restore solvency to the state’s Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund.

“I thank the General Assembly for acting quickly onthis issue,” Corbett said. “This debt created an escalating per-employee tax and wasthreatening Pennsylvania jobs.

“Thanks to the legislature’s quick action on this jobs bill, employers will not have to worry about unpredictable repayment costs and solvency will be restored to the trust fund.”

The bill passed the Senate, 29-19, on June 5, and passed the House today, 129-67.

Governor Corbett is expected to sign the legislation at a date yet to be determined.

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