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Altercation at Coudersport Sheetz – Suspect Maced

According to a reader who wishes to remain anonymous, an altercation took place earlier this evening at Sheetz in Coudersport at approximately 9:15 pm that resulted in a Borough police officer macing a suspect and chasing him down while being pummeled by ‘someone’s girlfriend’.

Reports indicated that Borough Police were eventually assisted by State Police.

The submission was sent via text message as follows:

two guys were fighting at sheetz the one guy was like “ur threaten the life of me and my wife and my daughter ..” and right after he said that he started screaming. cuz apparently he stepped closer to hit the guy and officer collins maced him right in the eyes and the guy took off running right in front of my car and the one guy’s girlfriend or wife or something kept trying to hit collins as collins chased after the guy he maced on the other side of sheetz, the guy who got maced, his name is thomas. i didnt get a last name but the girlfriend kept telling him to run. run thomas run. lol


More information as it becomes available.

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  1. meg says:

    I must say I did have a good laugh. Poor officer Collins though…. having to mace someone on a Saturday night. I cannot wait to see the blotter in the morning with the charges.

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