VIDEO: Tribute to Sam Miller

The following YouTube video was posted by YouTube user joshua69012.

Memorial For Friend, Brother, Son and a great man Samuel E. Miller

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  1. noneya says:

    That was a nice tribute to Sam ,Josh , just think back to when we all used to play hide and seek in housing in eldred . Then fun we all had and hold them memories dear. Sam we love you and miss you very much .

  2. Bob says:

    He looks kinda sad in some of these pictures. Makkes me sad.

  3. noneya says:

    Yes Bob , he wasnt the happiest of people, But he was a very kind hearted person . He would of gave you the shirt off of his back if he thought you could use it. Sam was a good boy just roped up with the wrong people. he was a typical teenager, he wanted to learn by his own mistakes not the mistakes of others .

  4. anonomys says:

    i did not know him personally but he would always say hy and stop and talk sometimes i would always ttell him man u look cool his death was so tragic and i hope justice prevails he was a nice respectable kid to me and a beautiful young spirit has left us and went home to his family my heart goes out to yous and i hope god sends his peace to yous in your time of tragic and lost he was cool

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