AG’s Office to Re-try Kevin Kenyon

New trial scheduled after mistrial declared

COUDERSPORT – The PA Attorney General’s office has decided to re-try the case against Kevin L. Kenyon, 56, of Potter County, who is accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with his two adoptive daughters, after a jury failed to reach a verdict in the original trial. The case was prosecuted by Deputy Attorney General Kelley L. Nelson with Judge John B. Leete presiding after both District Attorney Andy Watson and Judge Steven Minor recused themselves due to a possible conflict of interest.

The Potter Leader Enterprise reported that one juror from the original case told them, “There was no way I would vote to convict him. I did not believe the girls stories…”, with another juror saying,

Those girls had a lot of holes in their stories… and there was so much laughing, smiling and smirking going on between them… it was like they had been schooled by somebody. I think we all agreed that Elana was the mastermind, and Damaris was the pawn. – Elena controlled her. There were just too many holes, in my opinion, and I don’t think the Commonwealth presented enough evidence to convict him of anything. I looked at those girls while they were sitting there and Damaris laughed and smiled on the witness stand – she kept looking over for someone to coach her.”

According to the same article, another juror stated there were never more than 3 jurors who were for a guilty verdict.

When asked why the Attorney General’s office opted to re-try Kenyon, a spokesman from the AG’s office told Coudy News, “It’s based on facts and the law, that’s the decision.” The AG’s office would not comment further, only telling us that because jury selection was in the near future they did not feel it was appropriate to release any further details surrounding their case.

Jury selection in the new trial is tentatively scheduled for November 4, with the new trial scheduled for the week of December 13. Deputy Attorney General Kelley L. Nelson will again represent the Commonwealth, with Judge John B. Leete presiding over the trial.

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  1. Kristen says:

    This is so sad & disturbing..Not only is it almost crystal clear that he is entirely innocent, but he now has to go through this nightmare ALL over again! It’s going to become a bigger story, people are going to form more & more opinions, & bc the AG DID decide to retry him, some people may even possibly second guess their opinion of his innocence! There are a plethera of reasons this is just a horrible experience, for this clearly selfless man to have to endure! He was not found guilty the 1st time around..It should’ve been left at that..

  2. ANONYMOUS says:

    What middle aged man ADMITS he watches and “HELPS” his two “daughters” aged 14 & 16 take baths??? What middle aged man ADMITS he kisses these “daughters” on their stomachs at that age??? What woman, upon being asked what she would do if the charges against her sicko husband were true responds ” I’d make him sleep on the couch”???? What middle aged man lays down with these daughters EVERY NIGHT in their bed????

    Yes, these girls have fooled the experts. The Atty General, the State Troopers, the child welfare people….all fooled. DUH. This is one big sicko and deserves to rot in hell for what he did to those girls.

    Kristen-Get a CLUE!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    No such juror. The girls weren’t in the courtroom at the same time so how can they smile at eachother???? Not allowed DUH!!!! Somebody is a big liar!!!

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