(UPDATED) BREAKING: Prather, Buckingham Jailed on Murder Charges

Murder victim shot 8 times with rifle, body dumped in Prouty Run Creek

Update: Teenager charged as adult in murder

COUDERSPORT – Two men accused of murdering Samuel E. Miller, of Eldred, PA, have been arraigned in District Judge Annette Easton’s courtroom.

Jonothan 'Jeep' Prather, Accused of Murdering Sam Miller

Nineteen-year-old Jonothan ‘Jeep’ Prather, of Coudersport, and 25-year-old Avery ‘Bud’ Buckingham, of Austin, have been arraigned on first-degree murder charges and remanded to the Potter County Jail without bail.

Potter County District Attorney Andy Watson said Miller, who was found dead in the Prouty Run River two days ago, had been shot 8 times.

Authorities believe Miller may have been killed because Prather and Buckingham thought he was a ‘snitch’.

Avery 'Bud' Buckingham, Accused Accomplice in Murder of Sam Miller

Sources tell CoudyNews the two men arrested for his murder, a teen girl, and Miller may have been involved in a recent burglary. Prather and Buckingham allegedly shot Miller to keep him from talking to police.

According to an affidavit filed in Annette Easton’s courtroom, Buckingham told police during an interview that he had been involved in the murder of Miller, and that Prather had been talking about killing Miller for three weeks, because he was a ‘snitch’.

Buckingham told police he was picked up by Prather and two unidentified juveniles on June 4, for the purpose of murdering Miller. He said the four of them drove to Port Allegany, picked up Miller, and then drove to Wal-mart in Bradford where they purchased a spotlight with the intention of ‘luring Miller back with them.”

Police say after leaving Wal-mart, the five traveled to Coudersport, where one juvenile girl, believed to be the sister of one of the teenagers, was dropped off.

Prather faces the camera as he's led by State Police into court for arraignment on first-degree murder charges

They later drove to an area of Prouty Road, exited the vehicle, and went for a walk into the woods where they built a campfire. According to statements made by Buckingham, Prather had taken a .22 caliber rifle with him during the walk.

When the four returned to the vehicle, Prather put the gun back in the truck they were driving.

Then, as Miller bent over, Prather took the rifle from the truck and pointed it at Miller. Miller then reportedly told Prather not to the point the rifle at him. Prather responded by telling Miller he was not going to shoot him.

Moments later, Miller bent over again, at which point Prather is accused of shooting him point-blank in the back of the head, and then ’emptying his clip into Miller’, before reloading two more shells and shooting him twice more in the head.

Buckingham escorted by State Police into court

An official autopsy showed Miller had been shot 3 times in the head and 5 times in the torso.

Police say during an interview with the teenage girl and her parents, she told them where to find the murder weapon; a .22 cal. rifle, which was recovered from an attic.

According to police, Prather admitted to shooting Miller in the back of the head at close range, and then shooting him ten more times. Prather also told police he reloaded two more shells and shot Miller in the temple, “because he wanted to make sure he was dead and didn’t want him to suffer.”

After killing Miller, Prather and Buckingham allegedly dragged his body to the nearby Prouty Run Creek, at which point they threw his body in the water.

The juvenile female who accompanied the men told police she heard a gunshot and then Miller’s body fall. She also told police the men later had her hold a light while they moved the body to the creek, at which point she heard the splash from his body being dumped in the water.

She also told police Prather and Buckingham threatened her saying, “snitches get stitches”, and similar circumstances could befall her, if she talked about the murder.

The juvenile female is also facing murder charges in the first-degree.

According to Buckingham’s Facebook page, the Austin man claims to be a member of the ‘Bloods’. A passage from his self-description reads,


Sources tell CoudyNews Buckingham spoke of killing people on a daily basis; an accusation seemingly substantiated by the above quote. Buckingham’s Facebook profile picture is currently that of a handgun. Of fifty some photos he made public on the social networking site, most depict violence and represent gang association, specifically the Los Angeles gang known as the ‘Bloods’.

If convicted of first-dregree murder, Prather and Buckingham may face the death penalty, or life in prison.

This article has been updated several times.

NOTE: Earlier it was reported that two Austin men were arrested by State Police in what was believed to be a connection to this murder. Information has come to light that the two men, while friends of Buckingham, were arrested on unrelated charges. More on those charges in a later article.

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  1. Bonnie Mesler says:

    Good Im glad they are Finding out what happened to this young Man. What a shame:( Too young and was shot?? lord have mercy on The Human race. When I first read This article and How this boy was Cared about by folks. He loved the native americans and From What I see he was a very Good Person. Prayers to all his friends and Family. I didnt Know him but surley touched my Heart:(

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is so sad. To yound to die over something so stupid:( Well they wont have to worry about anyone snitching on them now nor do they have to worry about working. What is happening to these kids now days?So sorry for the Family of Samuel E. Miller you are all in my heart.

  3. al gore says:

    Buckingham obviously had quite a way with words. He was really going places. Maybe he could have written for the Potter Leader some day. What a waste of talent.

    And if he’s a “Blood” , I’m Al Gore.

    • I_have_retronausia says:

      i actually met them both while i was incarcerated. Avery acts nothing like he portrays on his facebook page and Jeep says he has turned his life over to the lord. If it’s true then good for him because it sounds like he needs Jesus in his life. I never met the girl but that’s fine i don’t need to and i am not judging her either. The law will deal with their doings and they will be judged one day for what they’ve done.

    • Thsgirl says:

      I hope you are right about jeep… I pray he has been changing his life. But I also hope he realizes that he fucked up bad and ruined his life and many others. Although I once loved Jon, I know he has something severely wrong with him to b able to do the things he has. And that is why I have forced myself to loose all contact with him

    • I_have_retronausia says:

      i actually met them both while i was incarcerated. Avery acts nothing like he portrays on his facebook page and Jeep says he has turned his life over to the lord. If it’s true then good for him because it sounds like he needs Jesus in his life. I never met the girl but that’s fine i don’t need to and i am not judging her either. The law will deal with their doings and they will be judged one day for what they’ve done.

  4. The Truth says:

    Sam died a hero. Willing to tell the truth. If the allegations are true, then the motive would support the most extreme of punishments, both on this earth and beyond. “Snitching” is a very commendable act. Sam died a hero.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Death give them the death penalty…..an eye for an eye…give them death the same as they did Samuel.

  6. admin says:

    I think the Potter County DA and PSP Coudersport deserve some recognition regarding this case.

    After speaking with Andy Watson this morning, I could tell that he and all of the officers involved in solving the case hadn’t slept for days. In my opinion they did a great job of solving this crime, and did so very fast.

    With that I say thank you, and job well done.

    -Tim H.

  7. nate says:

    well like the say snitches end up in ditches… maybe you ******** around coudersport might start reconsidering letting other do your jail time. u do the crime u do the time….. STOP SNITCHING i guess the point has been made on that subject

  8. The Truth says:

    “Stop snitching?”
    That is the same as saying, “Commit and cover up crimes.”
    Bet you’ll get a lot of support on that one there, nate.

  9. anonymous says:

    Sam was a good kid who had a bad time at his own home. what is wrong with people these days?? maybe you a**holes shouldnt be doing stupid things that would get you snitched on.

  10. Anonymous says:

    These Bastards better get the death penalty for cutting the future of a young man short.

  11. Eddie Orlowski says:

    Punk Bitch calls himself part of the Bloods? LMAO!! Seriously you think this a city full of Bloods You retard? Bloods are a Black Gang, and im not saying it to be racist; but you have to be of colored skin to be a blood. White people dont stand a chance to be in the “Bloods”. This douchebag is obviously crying, and wants someone to feel pity for him. Well heres my pity for you. You want to act like a thug, you die like a thug. Have a great time on Death Row.

  12. candy robinson says:

    sam was young he had his whole life ahead of him he was like a son to me he was always welcomed in my home he didnt deserver this sam and my son joshua was best friends they hung together im going to miss sam very much hes one of a kind u have to know him to see what we see he was funny careing helpfull do any thing for me between the 2 of them they moved me 2 times with no complantes im going to miss him very much love ya sam

  13. unknown says:

    do unto others;;speek up if not you are just as guilty;;this snitch bullshit is bullshit;;its apparent nate was never in the military and DFOUGHT for our freedoms;;millers were taken from him someone will pay;;all involved were just as guilty;;enough said

  14. Laura says:

    Dearest White Trash Nate,
    Maybe if you and whomever you refer to shouldn’t be committing crimes. Did you ever think of abiding by the law like the rest of us who have to pay for your stupid actions? I don’t want to pay for these two CRIMINALS to sit in jail, I’d rather pay for them to be killed. Much cheaper. As far as “snitches” I guess if people didn’t break the law then there wouldn’t be any. Avery is about as much a blood as any white wannabe gangster comes. Seriously, they all, including the little girl need to be punished. I’m very happy the police jumped on this and got everything figured out! Kudos. As far as the rest of these ingrates are concerned, eye for an eye.

    And also, maybe this will go to show the local law enforcements in both Potter and Mckean, that the slap on the hand they usually hand out isn’t cutting it!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wow can we find out who this Nate kid is? He must have committed some crimes as well….

  16. Anonymous says:

    The annual cost per inmate was $32,059 in 2009, if these jokers live to be 70 that will cost the state roughly $1,602,950.00 each assuming the cost doesn’t go up over the next 50 years (which it will). Save the taxpayers’ money and ….

  17. Kat says:

    The irony is that these men killed this boy for being a snitch, but then turned right around and snitched on each other for murder!

  18. Carol says:

    The Bloods! He better watch now when he gets to prison. Cause the Blood will take care of him for saying that. Fire them all!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I agree these men should get whats coming to them but I know Avery Buckingham’s family is devestated by this news so please keep that in mind when you post. And yes that man did not deserve to die, when will the violence ever stop.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is very very very sad a young life taken for what I am sorry there is no excuse for any one to play god and decided when someone should die. And in the same aspect it makes it hard when someone does know something and they want to tell but yet they will now think of this and not want to tell. RIP Sam you were a good kid and I was happy to know you.

  21. Anonymous says:

    God bless the family and friends of this boys !!!I this is so sad .. what are young kids and teens thinking now days ?? this story is very sad and touched my heart. taking someones live is no ones right !!! so young and had so much life to live .

  22. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Avery Buckingham’s family IS devastated by this!!! I am related to Avery, and as much as I DO NOT condone what he did and do feel that he should be held responsible for whatever involvement he had…I would like to ask that some be considerate of our feelings. I am so very sorry for Samuel’s family and friends. And my deepest thoughts and condolences go out to them…but please, Avery’s FAMILY is innocent, and we don’t deserve to have to read some of these comments. /:

    RIP Samuel Miller, I’m so sorry.

  23. Anonymous says:

    As a family of one accused of murder in the 1st degree — you have an option/choice to make and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ COMMENTS ON THIS POST OR ANY OTHER POST — THAT IS YOUR CHOICE and apparently you do want to see what is being written and instead of sucking it up you want others not to comment in a negative way. Come on and get into the real world! Facebook is a bad influence on many and if the fella’s posts have not been taken down you might want to check them out.

  24. Anonymous says:

    maybe he just shouldn’t of tried to play G unit….and tried to live a productive life, working and paying taxes, instead of breaking into houses

  25. Anonymous says:

    Parents be cautious who your kids pal around with. You should know them and there parents better than your kids know them. As the old verbage goes “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Fact is all families involved are devastated, as well as the community who cannot believe that this happened in our backyards.

    However, to the poster at 2:53 PM you do have a choice to make and apparently you are making the choice to read the comments that may hurt you and family members BUT YOU CAN MAKE ANOTHER CHOICE AND THAT IS TO STAY OFF LOOKING AT WHAT OTHERS ARE COMMENTING.


    Don’t look for sympathy — face reality because it is here!

    Maybe you will change your mind and make a wise choice and not look at post comments for awhile, however, it won’t change the charges for your family member.

    Too bad this whole ordeal happened but to our Police, DA and any others involved you worked hard and it was solved within the First 48 Hours — GOOD JOB!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Tall Tree, Short Piece of Rope

  28. anonymous says:

    aggreed hang em for all to see just like the old days if you kill someone we will kill you back

  29. Anonymous says:

    To the family member that feel bad about the comments people are making about his f -up family member the only thing I have to say is at least he is still here unlike the poor boy who had his life taken. Do you really think it was right what they did and that people aren’t going to talk. Like others said DON’T read it them.

  30. Anonymous says:

    To Nate your a ass to think but cause someone told on someone they should die I hope and pray that your loved ones never “snitch”

  31. anonymous says:

    I am very sad to hear this news. I am a younger man in the community and this is unreal. My heart goes out to the families and as for these who claim they are bloods need to feel the rath. I am sorry that those of you who are related to these men, but you are not at fault, rather stuck in a bad situation. And as for being actual bloods the rednecks and hillbillies woulda caught on if any of that sh*t was going down……R.I.P. Sam, by thesounds of it you were a good man and you were cut short for no reason on earth.

  32. Anonymous says:

    These guys are scum! And cowards!

  33. Brooke says:

    this is some straight bullshit. i’ve known Sam since he’s been around here and he was an awsome kid. and to Avery’s and Jon’s family that is going on here.. stop looking for sympathy. imagine if that was your family member that got murdered. u would be out there saying negative things too. The people that committed this crime dont need the death sentence, because then they just get out of it the easy way. They need to sit their time in prison for about 20 years then get the death sentence. so that way everyday they spend in jail they can look forward to dying. Sam was a great person! he didn’t deserve any of this. and neither did his family. my heart and sympathy goes out to Sam’s family and friends. WE LOVE YOU SAM! Rest In Peace. You will be greatly missed!!!! and Eddie Orlowski, i fuckin love you!!!

  34. dustin butler says:

    well this is a sad thing for the family of the victim and its sad to have crimes like this in society and really hits home when it happens in a small town like coudy. an i hope the bloods do to him what he did to that young man that wont get the chance to see what lifes all bout…really i hope they all get put on death row….. fake a** people they kill me…. hope u all know how to fight casuse the place ur going u better be golden gloves…. this town needs a place for kids to go after school an during the summer time so they dont go down the path these young people have. we need a safe postive place for our kids…. an walking down town at all hors of the day an night isnt it……………..

  35. Anonymous says:

    People need to stop blaming the fact that there is nothing to do around this area. i’ve lived here my entire life and there is a ton of stuff to do. we live in a great area to hike, bike, build tree houses, forts, play in the creek. Parents need to teach their kids how to be constructive instead of destructive. When I was younger I never thought of murder as a hobby. So stop blaming the area…

  36. Anonymous says:

    lets take these boys on a little “camping trip in the prouty”

  37. anonymous says:

    death penalty…short trial…to bad for their families but they probably know what they were like so they shouldnt be surprized that they ended up where they belong. Now why should we pay to keep them! Ignorant theives!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    first of all this is so sad my heart goes out to this family and as for the so called blood wanna bes hey take them to philly to the bad lands drop them off and speed off laughing sayin there now go be bloods well i hope they rot in jail with the real bloods

  39. anonomys says:

    first of all this is so sad my heart goes out to this family and as for the so called blood wanna bes hey take them to philly to the bad lands drop them off and speed off laughing sayin there now go be bloods well i hope they rot in jail with the real bloods

  40. tommy pritt says:

    those two snitched on each other have them kill each other for telling on them selves wouldnt that b right ?????? im sorry for the family of Samuel Miller

  41. Anonymous says:

    This entire situation is mind boggling. I am absolutely disgusted that this kind of behavior is happening right here, in our small town, where this kind of action is almost unheard of. This really goes to show that even a small town isn’t safe anymore. These bastards that committed this crime can rot in prison. They do not deserve to see the light of day, after taking the life of such a young man. I can understand the feeling of the family of the criminals, but you must understand that this sort of thing happening in this area just makes people furious, and you should understand that people want to express that anger. My heart goes out to Samuel’s family, and may justice be served!

  42. beth rice says:

    i agree with Dustin the area needs something for the kids to do during the summer… My mom moved my brother sister and i away from the area in 94 because she was afraid of the trouble we might get into… sorry to say but unless you have lived in a big city with gangs don’t try and portray yourself as a gang member.

    It is very sad that this young man lost his life because he was smart enough to take responsibility for a crime he committed. For the men the killed him had you not done the crime in the first place then you wouldn’t have had to commit this crime which could possible put you on death row… YES I SAID DEATH ROW. this is one of the only states left that has death row and i am sure all parties involved are looking at going there…

  43. Anonymous says:

    so a 1st degree murder charge is better than charges for burglary,that Samuel “snitched” about? come on now…..

  44. PAMom says:

    This article is insane. It sounds like there is an enormous amount of evidence against these young people, but even the guilty are supposed to be afforded a fair trial in this country. How in the name of any kind of justice will those three get a fair trial now that every last stitch of evidence, confessions (a.k.a. rumors) and details have been written about in the news? God forbid any of this stuff isn’t the truth – there will be no way to get it out of the minds of potential jurors. What a shame that the police and prosecutors insist on tooting their own horns so much that they obliterate any chances of a fair trial in that county. If the entirety of a prosecutor’s case was leaked in the real world (outside the mountains of Potter County), there would be hell to pay and a fair judge would throw the whole thing out. Unbelievable!

    Editor’s Response: Actually, the information in this article was mainly derived from information provided in an Affidavit of Probable Cause; a public record filed in court and used by most mainstream media outlets in this country. Furthermore, the information provided in the Affidavit was procured from statements made by the defendants to the State Police – likely a signed admission of guilt.

    It appears that both defendants have willingly admitted to the crimes. The information provided in this article is therefore their own admissions to what transpired.

  45. Anonymous says:

    take their asses out and tie them to a tree….pour honey on them and let the black bears have them i will pay to watch that

  46. PAMom says:

    Most (and when I say “most”, I mean not in Potter County) investigations are not just a few days long with everything signed, sealed and delivered in under a week. A proper investigation takes months to conclude and you may be aware that in other cities, those documents are either sealed until the investigation is complete or there is a gag order so that the Defendants may enjoy their Right to a fair trial. I’m not defending these young men. I’m simply stating that unless those “confessions” were not “rubber-hosed” out of them (which can never be ruled out in the county where Lady Justice doesn’t wear a blindfold) and they plan to plead guilty, there will be about as much of a chance for a fair trial as there is a chance that the banjos will stop playing any time soon. Meanwhile, potential jurors get to read statements like, “Sources tell CoudyNews Buckingham spoke of killing people on a daily basis” to help them come to a verdict. I certainly hope, for their sake and the sake of the families involved, that they plan to plead guilty.

  47. Brandy says:

    when i heard that this had happened to sam i cried i actually dated him when i was in 9th grade he is really great guy and didnt deserve any of this i’m sorry for his family they have to live with the fact that hes gone but they guys that killed sam will have his death on their conscience for the rest of their lives. i think they need to stay in jail a great deal of time before they get the death penalty so that way they can reflect on the life with so much potential could get a chance to grow or to even live he was way to young to die this way and he died a hero willing to do what was right even if it meant he would be put into harms way. SAMUEL MILLER you will be missed above all others thankyou for what you were willing to do even though it ended your life what you were going to do. but i hope that the guys that ended Sam’s life they need to think long and hard about the crime they committed and the life they ended before he even had a good chance to live it.

  48. Anonymous says:


    When will we find out what ************* and ************** was taken away in handcuff’s this morning for. State Police was there for quite awhile at *********** trailor. They were buddies with Prather and Buckingham so wonder where this is going to lead.

  49. June says:

    My sincere condolences to the family of Samuel Miller. Very, very sad news. I hope the responsible party (parties) never see the light of day after their trial.

  50. Anonymous says:

    As for Nate… I feel sorry for you if this is truly your way of thinking! Get a grip will ya. As for comment #26 I agree whole heartedly. While I do also feel for the families of these boys, I do wish nothing but justice for them. This is utterly ridiculous…. all over a stupid kid stealing from a camp another family loses a life!….. come on! Snitch or not this is just plain stupid! and these boys deserve the maximum sentence though I do agree with others it is a pity we are gonna have to pay for them for the rest of their lives and unfortunately we probably were already paying for them now!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Why would they do that to poor Sam what did he ever do to them nothing they are just trying to give him a bad name well guess what it is not working it never will so do not even try it it is only giving yourself a bad name

    sincerely,the world may never know

  52. Anonymous says:

    Yea Nate, ‘snitches go to ditches” so we should let no good non-working welfare sh*t steal from good hard working people, then when someone wants to try to stop it, just shoot em. That’s the answer, Genious!! How about get a freakin job, that way you don’t have to steal at all!

  53. anonymous says:

    WOW, this leaves me so speechless. I didnt know sam or his family but by the sounds of it he was a great and well liked kid. Nobody deserves something like this. Makes me sick to my stomache to know people are really not right in the head and would do this!!! Its awful to know he trusted those pigs to be his friends and then they do that! I think they deserve the death penalty and i hope they rot in hell. HOW could someone do this?!?! AND they already had this planned out!!! Im still dumb founded. May god be with sam’s family and friends. This will be a hard thing to get past. RIP Sam

  54. Anonymous says:

    them guys need to rott in ********* that bull**** for killing anybody where is this world coming down to it **** up

  55. michael hermann says:

    well here is my thoughts on this whole thing. I feel sorry for everyone involved wether they are firends of the family or just frinds of the victim. I will say tyhis to the anonymous person who is so concerned what two other individuals were taken away from a trailer in handcuffs for. THIS IS SAID COMMENT= Get a life and quit worrying about someone else’s personal problem and if you read the article it said at the bottom they were picked up on UNRELATED CHARGES not that tht would matter. Around in the area everyone is going to make thier own assumptions on stupid stuff.

    I think everyone needs to realize the people who are the ones responsible for killing this youg man are in custody because ALL THREE SNITCHED ON EACH OTHER!!!!! No one except for those three and the young man who was cut down in his young and fruitful life know honestly why and what happened… I would hope people could realize them calling other people who were not involved with this horrible crime are not MURDERERS and no one needs to call people that to their faces.

  56. Anonymous says:

    It’s hard to believe that I knew these guys personally. Sometimes people can really surprise you. I hope that whatever the outcome is in this situation, God can show us why this all really happened, and we can learn through his eyes the importance of life itself.

  57. Annonymous says:

    I grew up with sam and idc who these guys are related to they deserve death and i hope they get it im so sorry for his family and i feel the pain they do sam and i were like brothers and always have been have fun on death row you f****** bitch ass pansies

  58. Mia says:

    Now, I’m sure many who read this will not agree. But what I will say is needed. I didn’t know Sam. But the fact of how he passed is horrible. I couldn’t imagine the pain his family is going through. I’m a girl who loves God’s Word. And somewhere in Exodus, it does say that if one kills another, they should be put to death. I stand strong with the death sentence. But if these 3 do not get the death sentence, then we all should be praying for them that they change their lives around. “For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son, that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers; Making request, if by any means now at length I might have a prosperous journey by the will of God to come unto you.” Romans 1:9-10. If they do happen to get the death sentence well then, that is how it goes. Also, we need to keep Sam’s family and friends in prayer along with the 3 criminal’s families.

  59. a greatful mother says:

    I moved into coudersport in the fall of 2005 and spent 6 years in that community. I met some great people and some horrible excuses for humans. I am greatful for leaving for Pa all together last summer after reading this today. Between a poor school system where they float students through and force parents to have to pay for summer school and extra tutoring, drug running through that town, and now a murder Coudersport has turned into a tragic hole. My heart goes out to Sam’s family and may the murdering souls burn with their convictions no matter their age.

  60. net says:

    i think that them spending time in jail now a days is a free ride kill them like they killed sam if you ask me. sam was an amazing kid very smart awsome swimmer good at games and i give my sympathy to the family and the friends of sam. sam used to spend a lot of time hanging out at our house so i know sam very well im glade they caught the boys and the girl for helping i dont care if your 15 to however old if your old enough to make the decision to b there the girl should get death row to she was also helping murder sam r.i.p sam love ya and miss you buddy

  61. Anonymous says:

    To PAMOM comments posted at 8:08 and 8:51 PM — You comment about Fair Trial well that’s why they have change of venue cases so if they cannot obtain a local jury, they try out of the area or bring a jury in from another county — It is certain that they will get a fair trial at our expense!

    Someone in a post states the 3 guys that did this — well 2 males are charged with 1st degree murder and 1 juvenile female is to be charged in a like manner.

    Case solved within 48 hours as far as the arrests is great and in today’s world there are many cases solved within that time frame. Watch TV’s First 48 hours (reality show) and you will see about today and how cases work.

    What be fuddles me is WHY WOULD A PARENT LEAVE A 15 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER GO WITH HER 19 YEAR OLD MALE COMPANION AND THEIR 25 YEAR OLD MALE FRIEND – TO CAMP OUT FOR THE WEEKEND? Parents are to blame on this one!! If you were to learn her name and check out her Facebook page you would see alot about her likings (guns) and attitude.

    Even if activities would be available for these young people they would not be the ones to attend as they have their own agenda!

    Also, this juvenile knew for a week what had happened and she should be tried as an Adult. Youth younger than her have been tried as an adult especially in a murder (HOMICIDE) case! The 3 were in it together and all should get the same punishment.

  62. anonymous says:

    You are who your friends are. Burglary’s cool huh? Gang mentality cool? Rap is harmless right? Evil influences surround us all. We are all the product of our decisions. Good or bad, we each choose. What can we do as parents? Raise ’em right, steer our children away from the bad. Be the best example we can…

  63. Anonymous says:

    What a moron.

  64. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to Sam’s family. These kids should be so punished for what they did. If we let people get a slap on the hand thats telling these kids its ok to go do whatever they please. As for them being bloods well i really doubt they are ive been around gangs and they dont past their stuff on facebook or any website. And this snitches get stitches well you didnt have to kill this poor kid over something you did. just because you made faults doesnt mean Sam did. even if he told on you so what he was in the right caring about the people you took from.
    To Sam’s family stay strong and fight with all you have to make this right. My heart thaughts and prayers are with you all. You all have to stick together support each other and itll all work out for the best. Im sending you hugs from a far to each one of you.. may god be with you!!

  65. Ruth says:

    Sam was a great and honorable person. I never met Avery or Jonothan. I do think they deserve the death sentence.
    I also think they should have to stay on death row for a year or two without knowing what day they’re going to die and left wondering. Make them suffer a little while and make them be afraid.
    Sam, you are sure going to be missed in our family. I remember all the times that we were around you after Aidan was born, he’d just stare at you. He was fascinated by you. lol. I miss you a lot. Rest in Peace.
    PS: I still think they should release the girls name. She made an adult decision to be there, she made the decision to hold the spotlight, she is going to be tried as an adult. Release her name. Release all of the facebook accounts.

  66. Reality Check says:

    State Correctional Institutions are a cold heartless place. Especially for a fat, jobless, Costello wandering white kid. And to make matters worse he thinks he’s a BLOOD?!?!?!? He’s most likely going to meet some BLOODS soon after he arrives for inprocessing. I’m certain that he will meet their expectations as a self-proclaimed member of the L.A. Street gang. What a douchebag….Let it be known that there are NO real gang members that are indigenous to the Potter County area. Only self-named wannabe hacks that sit and watch movies and television that educates them about real gangs while they eat access card purchased cheese puffs and smoke jack’s menthol cigarettes in their Mother’s living room. Go get a job and save enough money to move your sh!tbag a$$ to Philly and see how you fit in. But, please don’t come back here.

  67. Jay says:

    As someone who has lived in potter county for a short period in my life i can see that not much has changed. “Redneck Ignorance” prevails its something passed on from generation to generation. Here’s an idea instead of handing your kid a beer at 12 how about teaching them the value of prospering to making something out of themselves instead of living in a tiny town with nothing to do. This isn’t the first act of violence in this town or area it happens all the time not murder but beatings, drunk drivers killing people, robberies, etc… Very few in this area put much into life other than work and being an ass. I am ot afraid to take some flack on this why because the louder more ignorant you are the more you feel like you’ve won. As for the comments toward the family they have the right to be upset for your judgement just as everytime you have been judged you got upset. So saying they shouldn’t look on here is ludacris and another ignorant statement maybe you should mind your own business and get on with life maybe you should not get on here and make comments. Hypocrite maybe i am but in the end ive been honest with myself and how i feel. At no point in this statement do i feel what these kids , men have done is right they need to be held accountable for their actions. With that said let see what kind of ignorance i can get from here…… P.S. I love controversy

  68. Anonymous says:

    To post #66 Reality Check — if you are referring to the Costello male sitting eating cheese puffs and smoking in his mother’s living room, I guess that you really don’t know him because his mother is deceased and he was being raised by his grandparents (mother’s parents).

    Just don’t make comment to make a comment, at least get your information correct!

  69. anonymous says:

    I’m sorry for the Miller families loss of their child, but in another aspect I am reading alot of post that people think they shouldn’t be put to death…so we the taxpayers are suppose to pay for them to sit in prison until they go to death row and pay thousands of dollars when a damn bullet only cost less then a dollar to take care of the two that did the shooting…eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

  70. ashley says:

    #67 – Just wanted you to know that there is a LOT that is available to kids/teens in this area. As far a “Redneck Ignorance” – please do not make this a town/county thing. It happens everywhere. My teens are very well educated, they have traveled WORLD wide, are planning on attending college, have been in programs that involve leadership, and etc. Teens, kids, and children turn into the people they want to be by different areas in life – the MAIN area is how they are raised – as per your post – if you do hand them a beer at 12 – you will not have a very wise teen/adult. If you put them in a box and mold them you will have a mini you – now if you open the box, give them guidance, love, and support you wil have a teen/young adult that is caring, responsible, and can make decisions that are wise.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Well Sam couldnt have been innocent and I am not saying he deserved this but with him running with these two they I am sure they will find out about drugs and such that they were involved with and how would he know about a Burglary unless he was involved too. This is what happens when youth get involved in drugs and crime alot of people get hurt. And like I said he didnt deserve this but how much other stuff did he get away with and everyone here seems to be blinded by the fact that he was 18. They all deserved to be in prison.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Everyone seems to be overlooking the fact as to what Sam was involved with and why he was with these other yahoos in the first place. Now I am not saying that Sam deserved this at all but he was not innocent. Take the break in now how did he know unless he was involved. What about the drugs here and such that all were guilty of. Everyone is blinded by Sams age here and it is tragic that a young life is wasted but at the same time how much has he got away with. Well all need to band together and keep out kids out of drugs and away from other things like gangs and such.

  73. anonymous says:

    This is how he feels, and he still took someone else’s life? Took this person from someone else? He should have taken his own life if he feels like no one is worth loving anyway.

  74. Ruth says:

    71 and 72. I knew Sam. He did get in with the bad crowds, but he was not a bad person. over half the commenters knew him. Quit acting like he was a bad kid just because he hung out with other bad kids. I hung out with a couple of bad kids and I overheard a lot of things that went on that I shouldn’t have. You’re talking guilt by association. it’s not who he was.

  75. anonymous says:

    Sam will be loved and missed forever and it makes me sick for people like this nate guy that thinks he deserves what happened to him. if all people were brave enough to come forward like he did when they did something wrong and took the punishment like a man then there would be less problems for everyone. so my best friend gets to die for doing the right thing…. typical potter county freking cowards gotta hide behind a gun and other people to feel safe and powerful..

  76. zach huss says:

    i hope this kids get what they deserve, sam was a good kid, he sat next to me in group and who ever thinks he was a snitch, it doesnt matter he still should not have gottan killed over it.

  77. Anonymous says:

    all i can say to them is were your goin you’ll be the girlfriend to butch you know butch your hands against the wall cause there all cummin balls and all spending there days getting there dumb asses kicked and raped. and one more thing for buckingham you say your a blood lol a african american gang?? maybe african americans in prison will help you along and teach bout getting your ass handed to you. i agree with others on here DEATH PENALTY AN EYE FOR A EYE

  78. NonyaBizNass says:

    You ask me this snitch talk is just them trying to be hard. I’ll bet that 15-yr-old had more to do with the motive than you think. My money says Miller and Prather had a feud over the girl.

  79. anonymous says:

    I knew the young man who was shot and even though he was not a model citizen he still deserved to live a long and happy life……..I also know the teenage girl and I am very happy that she was not hurt, I hope in the future she can roam with better crowds.

  80. Xbowman says:

    Facebook pages: Both easy to find with a name search

    Avery Buckingham: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000773098136

    Jon Prather: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001995426028

  81. ashley says:

    79……you have got to be kidding “I am very happy that she was not hurt, I hope in the future she can roam with better crowds”…………..hoping she gets what she deserves herself while in juvie! She is no better – a WEEK – get that a freaking WEEK and she didn’t say a thing……she deserves the same as the other two!

  82. anonymous says:

    I have been reading all the things everone is saying and I have a heavy heart over all of this. First I know this girl and some of her back ground. She comes from a broken home and living with a mother who thinks of nothing but her own habits and all the money she can get out of the father for herself. The kids have been a pawn to get what she wants. Now the father has been let down by our C&Y department over and over for YEARS
    and C&Y in another county as well. She has been lied to and brain washed all her life for self gain. She was destain for what is happening now to her. You need to remember there alot of victims here. My heart goes out to all the families in this. But we need to look at our system and how they do not help a person begging for help for a child. Why because the mother is a better parent?? Not in this case!!! The dad never had a chance. This girl could have been saved from this kind of life. Where is mom at 3 in the morning that this girl is out?? Where is the mom when this girl is not only seeing a guy this old but lets him live in her house!!!
    I am not saying this girl didn’t know what she was doing but she had no one telling her it wasn’t ok to be with these older guys. Now she is looking to her dad for help and there isn’t anything he can do but watch and pray. Way to go MOM. A job well done!!!!
    I hope as time passes we can all learn from this and hope our system will open their ears and eyes and start saving ours kids not just do what will cause the less work for them and paper work. This is a very sad time for our whole town. You can feel the dark cloud just hanging over all of us at this time.
    Our system has failed awful!!!! Get this there is still another girl at home.
    Where is C&Y???? Nowhere!!!! This mother is to blame more then this 15 yr. child.

  83. unknown says:

    i think they should be slow cut up in peaces slowly so they could feel the pain that sam and the family will feel

  84. anon says:

    to 82 i come from a broken home myself was beat as child doesnt matter how u were brought up u still kno right from wrong as a human…i knew sam personally he aws a great person an didnt deserve wat happen an as for the 15 yr old she knew wat she was doin cuz she has a hard life that means she doesnt kno right from wrong?…ur defending someone becuz there young she made an adult decision she needs to be punished as one…

  85. anon says:

    an also to 82 so becuz someones mother isnt around that means that they dnt kno that killing someone is wrong?…if ur 15 an dnt kno that killin someone is bad u shouldnt have the privledge of breathing air…as for jon an avery they apparently have been abusing that privledge for way too long hopefully the justice system does its job an gives these two flea bags wat they deserve

  86. another one says:

    i cant wait until these boys are some big **** mans ***** in a couple months…that or hang the scum mother *******

  87. another one says:

    **** the girl too

  88. Education-less says:

    By the looks of things our schools have failed us. Just look at the spelling and grammar of these posts.

  89. PAMom says:

    #61 – Anonymous….
    Please do tell me of a murder case (or any case for that matter) in the last 20 years that was granted a change of venue in Potter or McKean County? And here’s a hint….they ALL ask for it.
    I was raised there. Went to school there. Gave birth to both of my children at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital. By the Grace of God got out of there several years ago.
    I agree with those who say that children who don’t have anything to do get into trouble. I also agree that there is not much to do up there. Not everyone is an outdoorsman or into sports. If you honestly believe there is a lot to do for the kids in PoCo – you haven’t lived many other places. If you believe the schools are any good – you haven’t lived many other places. And if you believe that the young lady with (from what I hear) a very, VERY disturbing home life should have automatically known right from wrong, just by virtue of being a human being, you are sadly mistaken. Kids need guidance. That’s what parents are for. Once you are an adult and you choose your own influences, you have to begin to take responsibility for the choices you make, but as a child (and 15 is a CHILD), you learn to take responsibility and make good choices based on what you’re exposed to. If what you see day in and day out are bad choices being made by the people who assisted in forming your personality – you will not make good choices yourself.
    I am not opposed to the death penalty, but I also do not believe lives are disposable. With help, guidance and the Grace of God, this young lady may be able to turn her life around. The odds are against her, but it can happen.
    I also agree with the poster who no longer lives there and pointed out that these things DO happen in “nice little ole’ Potter County”. Sadly, you don’t get the best of the best in that area. The best of the best in any industry tends to go places where they can be entertained, fly in and out easily, send their children to the best schools. The police force and officials are under-trained/under-prepared. Physicians are usually there because they can’t get hired at the best hospitals (with a few exceptions) and the officials run amuck, overlooking the good ole’ boys because it’s too much trouble or they’re just too lazy and connected to them.
    I’ve rambled on too much, but I will leave you with an example….I had a neighbor who used to drive home so drunk he usually fell asleep behind the wheel in front of his home with his car running. I once asked the police to do something about it before he killed someone after watching the local officer wake him up, turn off his car and remove the keys. His response….”He’s self employed – he needs his license. If I arrest him for DUI it will hurt his family”. Within 3 years the man’s girlfriend died in his car with him drunk behind the wheel. I wonder if that police officer ever thinks about how he could have saved her life?

  90. Tim says:


    Are you stupid. What if he was your brother, son? Would you still feel the same? It is people like you that give the human race a bad name and do what those boys did. Hope you don’t have children and if you do I hope the good lords protects them from your sick min.

  91. Anonymous says:

    This is crazy!!! I can not believe this happened in Potter County. These slime bags shouldn’t be put on trial. Hang them in the street. Make an example out of them.
    Keep Potter County beautiful!!!

  92. WHy Be Bored says:


    Just look around you and count the churches in Potter and McKean county. Most of them are offering vacation bible school this summer. I bet there are a lot of vacant seats just waiting to be filled.

  93. hillsdale says:

    there are no bloods in austin just a bunch of uneducated hillbillys .hope ya all burn in hell “those responsible for this bullshit” a public hanging would be nice to see.eye 4 an eye big guy

  94. Jay says:

    there is nothing to do in potter county the highlight is coudersport lets see prouty hmmm dirt roads and a creek. Austin 2 bars 2 wanna be grocery stores a church and a bank did they get another police officer yet one who doesnt drink and smoke weed idk havent been there for a while thank god. so what is there to do in potter county go to the damn and have under age drinking parties, or out to wharton and jump into a creek exposed to gkn metals and starvin marvins for 20+ years hmmm. lets see what kinda of example the children have how about jerry springer who was drunk more than half of his life who drove down a road killed three little kids and all he had to say when they scraped his sorry ass off the road was i need a beer. how about the earles theres a choice crowd drunks and asses etc. violence and drinking and we wonder why these kids act like this. How about the boy who brought a bomb to school made from gasoline and gun powder, or the numerous fights that happen between all ages that go un policed. so at #70 aka ashley please tell me what i missed. you obviously wanted more for your kids but i guess that means you would fall into the very few.

  95. Anonymous says:

    it is obvious that avery is undiagnosed mild mr/dd.he is 25 but has the mind of a 12 year old.also note his physical affect.i’m not trying to justify his actions!

  96. A MOM says:

    I am so saddened by this whole situation. This is 4 young lives cut short by horrible circumstances. I am a PoCo native and have lived here most of my life. My heart goes out to all the families involved, particularly to the family of the young man who was killed in such an awful way, but also to the families of the other young people involved. As a mom, I remember looking at my babies and having such hopes and dreams for them. They are now all grown up and the reality is that sometimes the hopes and dreams you have for your children come to fruition and sometimes they go awry. I pray for all these young people involved in this terrible situation that somehow they will find their way even if it is in prison and I pray for all the families involved that they will find peace. I pray that the young man who was killed has found his peace in heaven.

  97. anon61511 says:

    For those blaming deficiencies in the community I large, I respectively disagree. I am not a life long resident of this community, but I have been here for a number of years. As a parent of several children ranging from 10 to 18 years old, I can tell you that it has been difficult to keep up with all of the activities they have participated in. There truly is not a lack of things for kids to do. There are tons of ways for kids to participate in music, sports, arts and scouting activities. Most of these activities could always use more youth participants. People also travel from far and wide to participate in outdoor recreational activities like hunting, fishing, skiing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling, that are not always available elsewhere. Another less popular but time consuming activity for children is homework.

    Anyone who attended the 2011 Coudersport High School graduation was able to witness and incredible group of high achieving students who are well prepared for college, the military or work force. Many of these students achieved, individually or as teams, statewide recognition in competitive musical, arts, sports, and academic activities such as mock trial or mock UN competitions.

    It also bears pointing out that the community is blessed with a number of Churches with active and fruitful youth groups.

    The fire department and ambulance departments also welcome teenage participation in learning about their functions, and helping in appropriate capacities.

    Finally, the fact that this terrible murder tears out the hearts of so many people in this community and causes so much introspection by the community is a testament to the general desire people living here have to make and keep this community a great place to live.

  98. Anonymous says:

    I Feel For Sam’s Family For Their Loss!Nobody Should Be Killed!What Is The World Coming To These Days.May God Be With All The Families That Are Suffering Through This Hard Time.

  99. Anonymous says:

    to #94

    …and just who do you think you are??? do you really think that Austin is the only place in this area with these sorts of issues (the shooter was from coudy)??? I can think of all of the areas around us that are plagued with the same thing…drugs, underage drinking, parents who don’t care, schools that don’t care, town cops that turn a blind eye, etc. Who are you to judge anyone??? I have lived in Austin my entire life…I grew up with nothing to do as well but I was not a juvenile delinquent. I graduated high, went to college, got married, had kids, my husband and I work and are productive citizens. You are grouping a whole area on the actions of a few…I could do the same regarding Coudy, Emporium, Roulette, Galeton what productive message do you have??? Everyone on here has an opinion which he or she is entitled to but at the end of the day there are three people to blame for this unfortunate and tragic event, Jonothan Prather, Avery Buckingham and the juvenile female. We all know the difference between right and wrong and they did what they did themselves it wasn’t the wannabe grocery stores or the two bars that did it. It was the individuals, each and everyone of them could have made a choice to not do what they did. The blaming nothing to do is getting old and is just not true. We all have free will and minds of our own and we all know right from wrong. They made the choice to premeditate a murder, they made the choice to lure the victim out into the woods, they made the choice to end his life, and they made the choice to try and cover it up. THEY did this and THEY caused pain and distress for many, many people, THEY made the choice with no thought about this young mans family, friends and people that loved him and how it would effect them and stupid comments like yours serve no purpose and should not even be put out there. So the next time you have a thought keep it to your self!!!! My thoughts and prayers go out to the young man’s family, and to the families of the people that did it. I have no respect or sympathy for the three accused they deserve what they get and I hope they are shown the same compassion they showed their victim!!!

  100. anonymous says:

    78: This was not over the girl. That I can guarantee. Sam was dating her sister. get your facts straight before you go around accusing people of things you don’t know.

  101. john says:

    im sorry to say this like this but well I dont understand why everyones saying that sam was a good boy. He was involved in a burg. Then decided to rat out the others who he decided to commit this crime with. So not only was he a thief but he was disloyal and a person who decided his fate bye running with a man whom was not of high standings. Choir boys dont run with hood rats. So guilty by ass. seems to be the case here. I agree the boy didnt deserve to die. But for everyone to make him into a holier than thou type person due to being killed is not right either. He was stealing with this boys. He went with these boys he trusted them and may or may not have ratted on them. Which is not a surprise in coudersport. He made a choice to live on the edge of criminal acts, and sadly he died on the same edge. Its sad but its just the begining. People are losing there minds more and more every day and nothing is going to change until we stop viewing things the way we do . Life is not black and white. Its not good or bad. Its dog eat dog Its a world where you dont know your neighbors or most of your friends. And we wonder why things end this way.

  102. Z says:

    Im glad trash like this is off the street but sad that it took a murder for the trash to be picked up

  103. Anonymous says:

    I noticed that the accused shooter Jeep has been charged with Contributing to the delinquency of a minor but how about KB’s mother who allows the boy to be staying in her home with her daughter? KB is 15 and Prather is 19 and a parent who is about 44-45 years old allows this action in her home?

    Is C&Y coming in and looking at the situation of AB the younger sister who is residing with the mother? Boy, I would think that they would have been in there already and that the Father would be able to get the custody!

    Just think about it, the mother could have had two daughters picked up on the charge(s) but somehow the 3 accused of murder decided to take the young girl home before they traveled to the woods to do their bad action!

    For all 3 accused it seems as though there was pre-meditation of this murder and they all should be setting on death row!!

    An earlier post said that they hope that the juvenile can find better group of friends to run around with and she should not be treated differently than the 2 male companions. All should get the same treatment!

  104. Anonymous says:

    Reference #97 and #99. How refreshing to read posts written by persons who can express themselves coherently and without the use of any vulgarity. It is also refreshing to read posts that do not blame bad behavior on a community and a lack of activities to entertain young people. I have not lived in Potter County for my entire life ….in fact, I have worked and lived in several different states in different communities…. small and very large, and I have travelled all around this country and in Europe. Every area, every city, large or small, has its advantages and its disadvantages. What people, including young folks, do and achieve is determined by them. It is a personal choice….it is not a function of where they live, but rather of the choices they make for their lives. Unfortunately, these 3 young persons appear to have made very bad choices. My heart is saddened for them, and for their families, and especially, for the young man who has been murdered.

  105. someone says:

    I am a former resident of the area, and a close relative of the victim. He did commit crimes, he was also repaying his debt to society. Also, I can guarantee that none of his crimes were anywhere near as serious as..I don’t know…murder. So to even unintentionally imply it’s any less serious because he was a criminal is incredibly asinine. Furthermore, does it negate the fact that he is someone’s son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend, or even acquaintance? Does it make it easier for the people that CAN’T help but remember a little boy that grew up, and then one day was just gone. I agree that this is a public domain, and freedom of speech applies. However, this is a human being we are talking about. A human being that had his life tragically cut short.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t all you people stop bitching on here. I am related to Avery. We have feeling to!!!!!! SO WHY DONT YOU PEOPLE JUST SHUT YOUR FACE. YOU DONT KNOW US AND CAN’T TELL US OUR OPTIONS AND STUFF!!!!!!! I do feel sorry for Sam’s family but he wasn’t innocent. He did stuff that drove Avery to the edge..

  107. anonymous says:

    are you kidding me 106…that fat bastard needs to rot in hell along with the others involved!!!!!! NO ONE SHOULD COMMIT MURDER NO MATTER HOW FAR THEY ARE PUSHED.

  108. Lost says:

    Wow its so funny to hear someone say that the murderer was forced to kill the victim. Did Sam put the gun in his hand? I suppose that would be hard to do from behind wouldn’t it? Avery is a Murderer, thats a fact. Deal with it as we are dealing with the loss of a friend,I don’t care if your a relative of his or not. If you can bring our loss back we will stop talking about it and I’m assuming you can’t do this so I feel that justice should be held. Its only a shame it wont be a hanging. This could have been stopped but it wasn’t. If you knew he was being pushed over the edge as you put it and planning a crime you should be incarcerated as well.

  109. Lost says:

    He may not have pulled the trigger but he knew about it and did nothing, thats just as bad. Setting him up for murder and doing nothing to stop this, thats not someone I want out on the streets thats for sure.

  110. anonymous says:

    I am sorry 106… But, obviously Avery had major issues. If Sam was that horrible why would Avery keep hanging with him to be pushed soooo far over the edge to commit murder. He did the crime he needs to do the time. I get pushed over the edge sometimes too but, not so far to murder somebody. That not a very good excuse to be making for Avery.

  111. Anonymous says:

    All I have to say is ur ****ing PATHETIC

  112. anonymous says:

    As a woman who has lived in Potter County all her life and raised 6 children I would like to comment to the ones who have stated that our County lacks in activites for our youth……ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Scouts, fishing, hiking, skiiing, sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, motocross, 4H, church, gardening, boating, baseball, football, running,……the list could continue. In my experience I have seen so many youth beg their parents to allow them to join community activities but it is the parents who are too lazy to get off their butts and take them.
    And another thing, the mother of this young girl was once in the medical field and lost her priviledge to practice because of illegal use of drugs….should we blame her mother for that? The father is an alcoholic who works for CYS…..which I have always questioned how some of the employees at CYS have obtained employment there but that is whole other story. Many children come from broken homes and live with parents who do not make good decisions, lack poor judgement, and quite frankly probably should not have had children in the first place but that doesn’t mean this young girl doesn’t have a mind of her own.
    As a community we needn’t blame geographic locations. For heaven sake Potter County isn’t that big. My suggestion would be instead of wasting all this energy pointing fingers and placing blame on why these three committed such a horrific act, perhaps we as a community should advocate and become more involved with our youth. Lets join together and change things for our children.

  113. Anonymous says:

    If the mother has been using drugs illegally and the father is an alcoholic then where is CYS?

    Apparently no young child should be with either one and CYS should step up to the plate and take them for placement.

    Potter County Human Services better wake up or be called on the carpet by the Commissioners!

  114. anonymous says:

    At least you still have Avery for now. We don’t still have Sam. You should count yourself lucky.
    and to everyone else, we’re not idolizing Sam. We’re all just remembering the better side of him and the person we knew from his heart. You’d be amazed at the number of times that if I needed a friend he’d drop everything and just talk for awhile until I felt better. Sam was a lot of people’s best friend. and he’s gone. We’ll never get to see him again. and i’ll never get the chance to tell him goodbye. all because these jerks took him from us.

    You say there’s nothing to do in the area? There’s plenty. People just don’t look for it. It’s sad that these people felt the need to kill him. I want them to rot. It won’t bring Sam back to us, but it will give some of us closure/justice, whichever you want to call it. If you don’t want to read this, then stay away from the comments. You have to click the link to be able to read them.

    Avery is no better than Casey Anthony or Ashley Tolley. He’s a murderer. So are Jonothan and the 15 year old.

  115. Anonymous says:

    Placing the blame on the victim is just a ridiculous thing to do and for people to actually say it and to put it out there makes it even more absurd. I do not care what this boy has done he DID NOT deserve to have his life taken by these three individuals. They did not have the right to decide what they did. So for the relatives of the accused I feel bad for you yes because the decisions your loved ones made were horrendous and put you all in a difficult spot but I will not place blame on the person THEY KILLED and I will not have any sympathy or compassion for the accused they made a decision that changed many many lives forever and they do not deserve sympathy they did not think about this young man’s family why should we think about their’s?

  116. Anonymous says:

    Sick, cold, calculated premeditated murder. I hope justice prevails and all three never have a chance to hurt anyone ever again. No respect for human life, sad and inhuman! I am not going to point fingers at parents, but what drives kids to this level of evilness? Must be lack of LOVE!

  117. PAMom2 says:

    I agree with PAMom. I have been saying for years that there ought to be a law in this country forbidding the media from publishing ANY information regarding a court case until after the trial is over. The media does nothing but interfere with true justice in this country. Keep emotion and public opinion out of the courtroom! Yes, people have a right to know, but my right to swing my fist ends at your nose. Our right to know should end at other people’s right to privacy and a fair trial.

  118. Bobbi Bozo says:

    PAMom you’re cracked. Both of you. If you’re even different people. Sounds like you are afraid these guys will get convicted. Seems like they already admitted to it. What’s the difference? Fry them I say.

  119. Fact says:

    Avery didn’t kill anyone. The gang banger from Utah pulled the trigger.

  120. Bobbi Bozo says:

    Gang banger? More like a redneck sheep banger by the looks of him. And Avery might just as well have pulled the trigger. He knew what Utah boy was gonna do and help get rid of the body. Just as guilty. Fry them both.

  121. anonymous says:

    The father works at Human Services so I bet that is why CYS had not got involved.

  122. Anonymous says:

    In regards to 106″s comment, maybe if family members had come forward with the TRUTH about Avery years ago, then maybe he wouldn’t be in this situation. Hasn’t he always said, ” I wonder what it would be like to kill someone and chop them up in pieces” ? Ask his sister sometime, she knows MORE than what she leads people to believe, either that or she likes to tell some pretty wild stories

  123. essie says:

    Is it true that it costs the tax payers MORE money to execute a convicted criminal, with all the appeals, etc. than it costs for the criminal to be a “Guest of the State” in jail for the rest of his life? Too bad lynching is illegal.

  124. anonymous says:

    119: Fact.
    Avery didn’t kill anyone? so what? he was there and didn’t do anything to stop it. he’s still guilty.

  125. unknown says:

    will sam was a good kid and yes he did break in some were but all kids make bad choices in there life but the thing he did wrong and he feeled bad for doing it so thats why he was going to turn him self in so not to many bad kids would do that and the kid would stay with me and when i had to carry stuff in the house or do anything he would get straght up to help and never had to ask. and far as him driving avery nuts to kill him and the other person that they just found and the pics he had .well if thats the case hell if i had killed everyone that got on my nerves there would be to many ppl around lol so thats no reason for doing it

  126. anonymous says:

    122 I heard that too after he was in jail,couldn’t believe no one got him help! From what I understand he told people about the killing but no one believe him. Did anyone pick up the phone and call the police after they found the body, and tell them what he said. No one did,they didn’t want to get him in trouble. Well let me say this if u knew and did nothing you are just as guilty

  127. Potter County resident. says:

    Simple facts:
    A man was murdered by a jackass and accomplices. Sad for the family and community. Doesn’t matter who came from where, what their religious beliefs were, who knows who, or who was going to “snitch” about what to whom.
    It happened, the guilty are hopefully going to be punished in a way that fits the crime (go death penalty, go!), the family and friends can mourn their loss and the community can rally to support them, and to try to prevent this garbage from happening again.
    Coudy, Austin, wherever. We’re all in this one together, like it or not.

  128. Ann. says:

    Okay there is a lot of things I want to say First I would think to say THANK YOU TO THE THREE INHUMAN PEOPLE THAT DID THIS THANK YOU FOR TAKING HIM FROM US…..WE NOW KNOW HOW MUCH SAM MEANS TO US AND TO THE WORLD. I don’t care who you are and playing the blame game is bullshit and I hope you know that…NONE OF YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED OR WHAT WENT ON ONLY THE FAMILY DOES YOU HEARD FROM OTHER SOURCES YOU INFORMATION GET IT RIGHT….He may have hung out with a sad bunch of hooligans but let me tell you something….His mother read to me a list of his goals NUMBER1 Go to College and get a Degree in Welding and Botanist NUMBER 2 Go backpacking around Europe and NUMBER 3 Learn another language….. This child had a future he was going places NONE of you have the right to say he deserved this or he had it coming….He was bright loving considerate cared and he touched so many lives that the ones running there mouths saying the three that did this to him had no right but we do deserve JUSTICE AND WE WILL GET IT!!! The three of them can rot they will be punished but it does not matter they may have taken him physically but they did not take him from us….We love you Sam and now that your with your father we can all rest and know that you are in a place you have always dreamed about laughing about how much you look alike….We love you and will never forget you……..

  129. Ashley says:

    There is a lot of comments on here that I have read.I agree with some and dissagree with some everyone to thier own. If you have not had the chance to meet same on a daily bases neither have I. I know who he is and have seen him around here and there. My husband has given him rides a couple of times, but this kid not only just turned 18, not only did he JUST graduated, but his life was taken and these criminals had it planned for 3 WEEKS. Sam did what he id because he knew he needed to turn his life around. To make the things he did wrong in his life right. He felt if he did this he was bettering himself. That he was in my book that is a hero. Everytime I talked to someone never new sams name for sure because I never actually sat and talked to him. Everyone else however knew what he was like.Kind,loving,caring,never complain kind of kid..He didnt care if he knew you or not but he would be willing to give you the shirt off his back according to everyone else.
    You have to think also there is a lot and I mean ALOT of questions that still needs to be answered for the familys sake. LIke, If the girl hurd the shots and heard the body drop she was obviously close enough to know what was going on,Why didnt she get help? Where they all friends of sams? What made them do this where they seriously affraid of him snitching? The main one was How did the police know Who was involved an how did they get them so fast did someone “snitched” then? Why was Sam bending over for was it to tie his shoe or to pick something up? There is still alot of questions but who knows they might be answered over time and some may not. I do not know the answers..I hope for the family and friends sake of Sam Miller some answers will get answered for them. Because when a very close friend who married his cousin asked me I could not answer them so I hope they do.The Officers that were on the case responded very well and very fast Thanks to them. Sam even though I did not know you that well but what people in Eldred that did know you say about you they are proud to have known you and will garentee that you will be missed tremendisly and that you were loved and always will be. Man RIP.

  130. Anonymous says:

    A lot of people on here are just reacting to gossip. To rip on someone without knowing any facts or who they even work for is just wrong and rediculous.

  131. nnn says:

    just moved here from out of state with my husband and child.the place we llived before was full of bloods,other gangs,drugs,violence and murder.i know for a fact that “white” people do not get accepted into the bloods.and i am used to hearing about murders everyday on the news.it was nice not hearing about it here everyday,knowing i took my child out of that kind of life style.my family and i love it here!its like paradise compared to where we are from,so when i heard about this it reminded me of home.i never thought i would here something like this happen from here.my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims family.as for the do’ers families i have no sympathy.from my own experiances i know that if you care enough to worry about jail time,then you should have cared enough before all this to keep your loved ones on the right paths.

  132. Anonymous says:

    I did not know this young man at all. I would just like to say, if people didn’t do things they shouldn’t be doing anyway then they wouldn’t have to worry about people snitching. Either way if he had snitched or not the truth would have come out it always does. I have to wonder how in the hell are 3 people so disgusting to think its okay to commit such a vulgar crime. Were they born this way? Or were their idiotic parents too busy not paying attention to what their little idiots were up to. My heart goes out to the family and friends of this boy. May you get the justice you deserve. The one comment left about him being physically taken but he is still with you..awesome!! He is still with you. No sicko can truly take away a loved one. You will carry him in your heart. May we all look to the east and wait for the good Lord. It is truly time. I think there should be a law personally. If so many people saw this boys fb about guns and killing and he really went around talking about killing people he should have been evaluated and locked up long ago. Maybe this could have been prevented.

  133. Anonoymus says:

    # 112 and # 121-Get your facts straight!!! The dad does not work for C&Y-he works in a different dept. and has cleaned his self up and C&Y are involved-I am so sick of people opening there mouths B4 they have their facts straight.I feel so bad for Sam’s family and friends-I met him once recently at a B-day Party and he was very polite and respectful.The Mom is a piece of trash and has poisoned the kids against their father!!He has tried in the past to get the kids and was let down by the system!!!!Maybe C&Y should stop sitting on their butts and actually do their jobs for once!!!!I moved here from another area in Pa and there are whites in the Bloods-I saw them and dealt with them almost everyday in that county court system!! I hope justice is served for Sam.

  134. PAMom says:

    Mr. Bozo – Brush up on your reading skills. Nobody said they didn’t want to see a conviction. Like it or not – we live in a country where EVERYONE is supposed to get a fair trial. Even those who confess. Read a book once in a while and you may learn that the things that go on in PoCo are not always on the up & up….in fact, most of the time, they’re not.
    May justice prevail.

  135. noneya says:

    Society is to blame for this whole mess. I knew Sam presonally, And the Mother and Father of the girl. Its so easy to blame the parents but , Society is to blame , because parents arent allowed to discipine the children anymore. This is wrong according to good ole Children and Youth the parents are supposed to let the kids run all over them until they are out of control. and then Children and Youth and the local athorities can Cast blame on the parents . People serioussly need a reality check . and cast blame where it is due (elected officias)

  136. SG says:

    I am a family member of one of those that have been arrested. I still love them and always will. I know that they have to pay for what they have done. First and foremost, my heart goes out to Sam’s family. I am so, so sorry for your loss. As well as to the other family involved.

  137. Jay says:

    potter county may have things to do but what 15 year old playing lady gaga or g unit wants to be in the scouts, i know it was my first choice( that was sarcasm incase u missed it) To anyone who commented on my post about how i am blaming society you are foolish and ignorant obviously you think it’s not your kids getting drunk behind your back. As for sports last time i checked Austin had baseball,golf,basketball,volleyball,and maybe softball. To play anything else you had to go to coudersport to participate. And as we all have seen not everyone is sports savvy. As i was saying before since we can read but we cant comprehend is that these kids have no role models they live in a small town where the highlight is talking crap on everyone else when they do something wrong. Camping hiking and fishing ha ha ha ha ha thats extra carricular for sure. And seeing how your DMV is only open certain days of the week and the closest in coudy or st marys i see how easy it would be for the youth to get their non caring parents to take them to the dmv get their license than buy them a car so they can go to denton hill to snow board. And to whoever said avery is a murderer he didnt pull the trigger he is guilty of aiding and hiding the body however. I love it when people shoot off at the mouth and dont clearly understand the motive of a comment. YOUR ignorance is showing you might wanna cover it up with an insult. I lived in Austin and am related to quite a few there by marriage, so you can run your mouths and clearly you will see that i just giggle and than retort I am above no one by any means so don’t take my large vocabulary and misconstrue it to whatever you feel i said. And whoever said when i have a thought i should keep it to myself why would you bother really to assume that i wouldnt come back on here and say the same to you. I didnt make you read my comment you chose to, and just like i did you spoke your opinion the difference is i didn’t need to deface and or degrade someone like yourself to get my opinion stated. If you need to bring refrence to the names i did mention just check your local court house docket for the last ten years. My statement have facts behind them from experience in this area.I dont throw my life story out there for my credentials. I am a sucessful person had i lived in Austin to this day i wouldn’t be where i am, then again in my comments i didn’t have to say pritinear or dumber than a boxes of rocks so i guess i don’t really fit in. In my personal opinion i feel that anyone who came on here to bash or throw some ignorance in the mix is pathetic lets get on a site and start cursing that’ll show em how smart we are. So in the end it is what it is and your redicule is nothing, means nothing and makes no sense in the light of intelligence. By a book pratice makes perfect.

  138. A MOM says:

    I have a reply for poster 112: You do not have your facts straight about the parents of the 15 yo girl involved in this. It is my understanding that the mom ended up hooked on some of the drugs she was given when she had cancer a few years ago. The dad is an upstanding member of this community that I have known since HS. If there has been a problem with alcohol in his life it is in his past. He does not work for CYS, he works in a different department of Human Services. He does a lot of volunteer work in our community. He, like a lot of non-custodial dads, has not been able to have the input in his children’s lives that he would have liked to have had. I would like to say to the single moms out there, let this be a wake-up call for you. Unless your kid’s dad is abusive or the like, your kids NEED their dad in their lives!!! If he is willing and able to be a part of your kids lives, please let him be a dad!! It’s Father’s Day tomorrow and I know of way too many dads that will not spend time with their kids tomorrow through no fault of their own.

  139. Another Dad says:

    The system is not for the dads. A way out lies. Wrights out the lies in the restraining order and just ask the women to sign it. Maybe a mens group should be formed!!!

  140. Perspectative says:

    I see a lot of uninfirmed comments on here and speculain about other peoples’ lives. A lotta you are acting like dildines when you don’t know squatt and some of the biggest dildines are the ones who say about capital’s punishment and blaming this and that. Look in the mirror’s and you might just see a dildine starin back at ya.

  141. another dad says:

    After getting back to gather with my spouse she denied everything A-way-out said on PFA. They ask quetions like does he carry a knife. Then on order, threatens with a knife!!! Does he have a gun is, has threatened with a gun. All in their questioning, they write up the order and ask them to sign!!!!! For what a promise of free attorney, housing, and everything the feminist say they are intileled to according to them. DON’T GET ME WRONG THERE ARE BAD PEOPLE THAT DO BEAT THEIR SPOUSE THAT THEY COULD HELP!!!! But they more they help the more they can skew asking for money!!! Not happy with legal system in potter county!!!!

  142. Justice Is The American Way! says:

    Thank God you live in America and that we are a nationn of “Laws”.

    We are not perfect as people or as a nation but we are the best this world has to offer. Why else would people from the rest of the world risk their lives just to come here to live? Some of them illegally.

    When you judge and condemn someone try to remember that in our country even the worst people are considered as ‘innocent’ until proven guilty.

    I believe in the death penalty for premeditated murder, but only after a fair trial and a jury rendered verdict of guilty with a sentence of ‘Death’.

    Got a problem with our legal system, move to Iran, Russia, China, or some other form of justice and see how well you like it here then, For that matter, see how you like it there.
    Til then let’s let the wheels of justice work.

  143. Anonymous says:

    Some of you want to paint the father as a saint….which quite frankly makes me laugh. He still has a drinking problem. He could have fought harder for those kids but chose to give up. I heard he was under the influence the night his daughter was questioned by the police. Poster # 139 used the word powerless…well maybe if the alcohol wasn’t more important than obtaining custody of his children I would perhaps agree. He does volunteer and he is a nice guy but that does not make him a good father.
    The mother, poster # 133, has been addicted to drugs a long time before her “pretend” cancer…why did she loose her license to practice medicine many years prior? How many times has she been caught stealing prescription drugs or trying to get prescriptions under her children’s names? Out of all their children only one seems to be making a better life for herself. Kuddos to that one!! But I know she wouldn’t be on the right path without community love and community influence.
    I hope justice is served. Sam is in God’s hands….the three murderers are in the justice systems hands.

    Editor’s Note: Normally this comment would go unapproved without a name, especially considering the fact that those mentioned have been name in a later article. However, considering the gravity of the situation and the comments already approved, I’ve decided to make an exception and approve this comment.

  144. Justice Is The American Way! says:

    Guilty or not, I thank God Almighty that I haven’t been arrested, am not going to stand trial or have any of the self righteous, holier than thou’s serving on any jury and judging me. Guilty or not, (and I believe they are) they haven’t been tried by a jury in a court of law or found guilty —-yet. So no matter how any of us feels, let’s stop; trying the suspects in the press, on the internet or anywhere else.

    I wouldn’t want any of those who judge to be on a jury involving me.

  145. Mr. Rhymer says:

    Dude they admitted it what are you talking about justice system blah blah and besides they said themselves snitches get stitches so give the bitches some stitches since they snitched themselves out

  146. Anonymous says:

    I’m wondering how in the heck did the shooter find his way to Potter County from Salt Lake City? Friends or relatives in this area that knew of this bad actor?? Sometimes wonder if there are large billboards placed around that say go to Potter County. Sure seem to get a lot of people here that are not contributing to society except in a bad manner.

  147. Anonymous says:

    Utah?? Was it the Morman Mafia?? LOL

  148. Anonymous says:

    Mother of there girls ones 15 the other is younger i guess….what the hell?? Whose keeping track of them???

  149. anon says:

    to answer your question 146, he moved there to live with his dad. but yeah i dont know what the hell that girls mother was thinking. and to think that he has a family.. a daughter that he left just to shoot some guy for no apparent reason. why couldnt he just beat sam up instead of taking it this way. sam had no reason to die. im sorry to his family. and also to jons ******** for having to grow up knowing ********** murdered someone.

  150. Anonymous says:

    Does the confessed murderer have a daughter who lives here in PC? If so where is her mother?

    The mother of the 15 year old who is charged with murder must not have given a HOOT about her unless this becomes a wake up call too late!!

    She had the custody of the 15 year old and I don’t care but you need to be a parent and know where your kids are and who they are with. They must have known about his bad acting before they began running around together and him staying under the same roof.

    Why don’t parents monitor their children’s facebook? Don’t tell me it is an invasion of their privacy.

  151. Larry D says:

    The events of this case are truly shocking, but sadly are reflection of the fallen state of humanity. Most of the comments above are from a worldly perspective and reflect a sense of anger and outrage that is understandable. I would like to briefly expand the dimensions of this situation and penetrate the spiritual reality of not only our finite physical existence, but our eternity. First of all, God gives the “power of the Sword” to civil authority to administer justice to those who murder and commit other acts of evil. (see Romans 13:4). This power does not extend to the individual. But, what must be understood in our condemning and judgmental mindset, is that God also says in Galatians 5:21 …..that those who commit adultery, drunkenness, murder, fornication …..among other acts of the flesh ..”will not inherit the kingdom of God.” So we see from God’s holy perspective, He equally hates all other kinds of sin and will punish all evildoers including murderers, from ever entering eternal life. Our response should be to love the sinner, but hate the sin, since we all sin in God’s eyes. The answer to our plight is found in Christ Jesus, (John 14:6). “Jesus says “ I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

  152. Jay says:

    i guess the facts are “not liked” on here lmfao. Potter county is a joke the town too dumb to die.

  153. Responsible Citizen says:

    Jay says “And seeing how your DMV is only open certain days of the week and the closest in coudy or st marys i see how easy it would be for the youth to get their non caring parents to take them to the dmv get their license than buy them a car so they can go to denton hill to snow board. ”

    Hey Jay – newsflash. Brace yourself, but owning a car isn’t one of the “inalienable rights” mentioned in the Constitution. Get a job and earn money and buy your own car. That’s what the generations before yours did. They didn’t expect their parents to buy it for them. Hate to break it to you and many others but the world doesn’t revolve around you and you aren’t, just by virtue of existing, entitled to have everything handed to you so you can waste your life having fun. Real life is about responsiblity and caring and making the world a better place – not just having something fun to do.

  154. anon says:

    150- yes the murderer does, but no she lives in CA and the mother is doing everything she can to be there for him. and his daughter will grow up knowing her dad loved her, and made a dumb mistake that he can never take back.

  155. Responsible Citizen says:

    154 – A “dumb mistake”??? A dumb mistake is “i left my car lights on and my battery is dead” or something like that. This was a heinous act of violence committed against another human being.

  156. noneya says:

    # 143 I know the mother and afther of the teen in question personallt. And the mother was framed . How can anybody steal prescription drugs from her job when she was on her death bed in the hospital with a blood clot in the lung? She worked at my family physician in Shinglehouse at the time. Everyone paint the father a saint because he works for Human services . The question i have is how people can hold a job dealing with that agency and tell people what to do with their children when they cant control their own. And its not just him either there are others there too.

  157. noneya says:

    # 141 I agree with you 100% , alot of people abuse what AWAY OUT is supposed to be for . My Ex-Wife constantly done the same thing. Im not perfect by far , but she has tried to hang me every way she can by running to Away Out and threw it all she is the onlyone who has done jail time because of the abuse she has put me threw. The moral of the story is Away-Out should do better screening on their clients.

  158. noneya says:

    Jay i agree . People dont like to hear bad things about Potter County . But unfortunately the facts are there. CYS and other agencys in Potter County need serious checking into . Like people getting approved to be foster parents and then sent to prison for being a pedophile. Back ground checks was rushed there i suppose

  159. Lisa says:

    poster #156 if you can’t get your facts straight shut the **** up.

  160. spellcheck says:

    Is spelling class mandatory in Potter County??

  161. sad stranger says:

    It is just so so so so sad to read this news in the paper. My heart bleeds for the family and friends of Sam. I did not know any of the parties involved, but do lose sleep thinking about this 18 year old child. I am almost 30 and life is so precious. I just am heart broken for the victim. 🙁 RIP – you are with God now…

  162. Mike says:

    If miller was a snitch that makes him a witness of the state.

    If he was shot in the back of the head, this is exacuteing buy deadly

    Force. If this is all true capital murder and death penalty should be

    Installed A S A P mr.Andy Watson ! ! !

  163. robert says:

    tthis is very sad, i know one of the individuals from when he was young. He moved there due to problems with gangs, supposedly to start over. U can run, but if u don’t change things,additudes,etc will not change.If he did murder this person, he should pay with his life! it will not bring the other person back, but why incarcerate him for the rest of his life! Hang him HIGH!!!!

  164. Voice of the People says:

    These kids live in a dissillusioned world where they believe they are untouchable. And what is truly sad is when you read the Facebook profile of Bud Buckingham, you can clearly see the uneducated juvenile he truly is. He thinks he’s a Blood? Come on now, the last person a gang of african americans is going to recruit is a fat white bastard from the middle of nowhere. Did these idiots think they were going to get away with murder in Small Town PA? This isn’t LA or Chicago or NYC where crimes go unsolved all the time. This is real america and we catch criminals in a timely manner cause we don’t have a ridiculous crime rate. So, killing someone goes unnoticed? Hardly. You stupid idiots. It’s not my place to judge, we’ll leave that to God. Cause if I was God, I would burn your stupid juvenile asses alive while simultaneously resurrecting their victim. This way, the last thing they will see while they scream for help is that they did not win this battle. God won this one. But since I’m not God, I hope they feel the fire of burning in their asses when they get to prison if you know what I mean.

  165. Guest says:

    The funny part is when he gets to prison he wont be a blood anymore. They will both get what they deserve once they’re locked up. Good riddins

  166. your stupid says:

    Honestly I used to be good friends with johnathan before he moved to texas. He always tried to act like a blood and always wore red. He was a chill kid but definitely a wanna be gangster. But I guess he’s earned his stripes now. He wanted to be a thug, so now he can live like one or die like one. It sucks that he took someones life but I still wouldn’t want him to die. He was a cool kid just troubled! I went to junior high and highschool with him!

  167. Helpme says:

    Can anyone tell me what they were sentenced? I have reason to believe he wants to come after me when he gets out, if he gets out…. Just want to keep my family safe. Jon is not the person anyone believed him to be

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