State Finally Pays County 2009 DA Salary Share

From Potter County Today

scalesThe Potter County Commissioners this week received a payment from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania of about $60,000, covering the final portion of the state’s long-overdue reimbursement of the District Attorney’s 2009 salary.  The state still owes Potter County $104,550 for 2010, representing 65 percent of the DA salary of $160,850, and owes $106,350 for 2011, for the current DA salary of $163,600.

Act 57 of 2005 obligates the state to pay 65 percent. Because the state has failed to pay its share, the county has been covering the entire salary, a situation that does not sit well with the Potter County Board of Commissioners. Other counties with full-time districts attorney face a similar shortfall.

According to a spokesman for the Office of Attorney General, “The Criminal Justice Enhancement Account does not currently have enough funds to reimburse the full amount . . . As the funds continue to accumulate in the account, we will begin to make partial payments for 2010.”

Potter County Today is a timely information site courtesy of the Potter County Commissioners. Reprinted with Permission.

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  1. Sue Blue says:

    I think this article is so full of crap! You Commissioners have NOT done one thing to enhance this County in no way, shape or form. Like or not, step up to the plate and admit. List the jobs you have created – no not just the ones for your firends and relatives. List your accomplishments. The past Board created jobs and saved the taxpayers thousands upon thousands of dollars. Just what have each of you done for this County? And don’t you DARE say created the gas drilling jobs. That was clearly on it’s way when the past Board was in office. What industry have you brought in? Why have you put the county in the rental business? Dickenson Mental Health belongs right back where it was. Teach those IU9 juvies in their own schools. All three of you have done nothing – and the people will certainly know when the time is right.

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